Oct 6, 2013


If you know me at all you know that I basically worship the crafting skills of two women.

Rachele Funk, who's a great friend of mine, lives nearby, and I'm lucky enough to get to do stuff with her all the time.


Margie Romney-Aslett.

I barely met her in person once back in the spring at the SNAP Handmade Market.
Margie, {me}, Becki of WhippyCake and Jamie...all amazing women!
I've been following Margie on Instagram (justagirl) for a couple of years now.
She creates her own paper lines.
She does the funnest, most creative SPARK classes online.
Plus she does a million other things.

Her constant flow of creativity blows my doors!

So when I heard that she was coming to Arizona and doing a couple of classes at Scrapbooks, Etc in Mesa, I SIGNED UP IMMEDIATELY.  
Do I dare even admit that I didn't even care what she was teaching?
There were no pictures posted yet of what we'd be making.
I didn't care.
Margie was going to be there......
that's all that mattered.

Yep, I'm a stalker.

By the way, all you 'friends' who never told me before about Scrapbooks, Etc are FIRED!
Especially any of you west-siders, cuz I'll just assume that all you east-siders take it for granted.

Anyway, not only are the projects S.U.P.E.R. C.U.T.E.-E.R.-I.F.F.I.C.,
but Margie is even way more fun in person!
LOVE her creative genius!

Oh, right, so you wanna see the projects?

Wrap your head around this, folks....

I used a sewing machine.

I know.

I sent this pic to my daughter Shelby and friend Kathy cuz they ARE sewers and I just wanted to blow them away.
This may be the first time I've photographed me sewing,
however, I'm not actually IN the photo
so I guess it can't technically be used as proof.
But just know, it was ME using that there machine!

Look what I made!

These Funky Owls are thee most adorable addition to my Halloween decor!

It was a Bucket List moment.
I.  Crafted.  With.  Margie.
It's what dreams are made of.

AS IF that wasn't great enough......

I got to go back the next day and craft ANOTHER project with Margie!
Dude, I must be livin right.

What's a four-letter word that begins with 'F'?
That's right,

This banner is made with papers that Margie actually designed with the company Bazzill, which I believe is a subsidiary company of Scrapbooks, Etc.

Gimmee an F!

Gimmee an A!

Gimmee an L!

Gimmee another L!

What does that spell?

Look who else showed up to craft some adorableness....
Such a cutie!

 Plus I made a great new local friend, Terri, who's there in the yellow.

Had the best time laughing and crafting with these ladies!


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  1. Cindy those are ADORABLE!!! I bet you guess had the best time!! Thank you so much for voting for hubbies makeover!! We are crossing our fingers!


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