Feb 21, 2013

Blue and Gold Banquet Centerpiece - Lollies In A Can

I love lollies!
I can't stop making them!  lol

FYI: the centers of the large lollies have no decorations in the centers because we will add circle-cut photos of our cub scouts.

Each of these is two-sided so it can be enjoyed from each side of the table, ie: three lollies on each side.  

Be sure to pre-color-coordinate your papers before putting them all together.  ;)

Recognize this lovely gal, Devin?
We just spent two years working together in Young Women's, 
but we both just got released then put into cub scouts at the same time!
We're are den leaders for different dens, but at least we get to work together sometimes on big projects,
like THIS one!

Devin and I, plus a couple of other awesome den leaders, Julie and Ann, worked together to make all these gagillion lollies.
So fun!

JoAnne's had a GREAT selection of blue and gold papers!

I then spray painted these 'cans'.  Most of them are actually diet powder mix jugs that I had to empty into gallon ziplocks.  haha.

Hot-glued several fleur-de-lis that I had punched with my Martha Stewart punch {which I already had, cuz I've done this cub scout gig before, a few years back}.  
Wrapped a ribbon around the can.

Glued a trimmed piece of floral foam to the inside bottom.
{why didn't anyone tell me that foam stinks so much?}

Then glued another piece of foam on top of that!

I hot-glued each of the lollies to a piece of dowel.
One long dowel {with the tip colored black....that's a size code or something} was enough for four lollies.
{I was a little short and had to use old popsicle sticks too!}
Arrange your dowels/lollies just the way you like 'em!
I then also added a couple sprigs of a yellow flower to add a bit more texture.

Stuff a little bit of moss to cover the floral foam.
It really didn't take much moss for each.
Hot-glue it down if necessary.

How cute are these 3-D stickers?
I've seriously had them in my stash for a few years, meant for my boys' scrapbooks, but I'm pretty sure I'm never gonna get around to that, so I donated them to the cause.  :)

The small blue lollies with the fleur-de-lis centers are left over from a centerpiece a few years ago.  
I'll post that centerpiece too, in a  separate post.

Okay, these papers are seriously cute!
Who wouldn't love spaghetti paper???

Straw paper!


Good luck to you in creating your own centerpieces!
Would love to see what you come up with!

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