Jan 24, 2013

How To Display Your Lovely Christmas Photo Cards

Don't you just loooove the adorable photo Christmas cards that everyone sends nowadays?
Used to be we'd get only a couple each year,
but now almost all of the cards we receive are photo cards.

I am incapable of throwing away a card if it is a photo.
I have a gajillion that I've been saving for years, but it seems kind of a waste to just throw them in a box and then never look at them again!
What to do, what to do?

Well, I finally got a brain and figured it out!

I took this year's holiday collection from my kitchen cabinets.........

.........and turned it into this!
Ohmygosh!  I love it!
Now we can thumb through it and enjoy these pictures all year long!

The cards were several different sizes,
but 7" seemed to be the standard size for most.
I trimmed down the edges of several to get a more uniform booklet.

Like this card here.......I trimmed off a bit on each side,
but you can't really tell.
The integrity of the photo is still there.

Here's a smaller card
that worked just fine too!
This is my beautiful friend Vanessa from See Vanessa Craft.

So now what about the newsletters?
I folded them into fourths and adhered them to the back of the card they came with...

.......so that they could easily be unfolded and read again and again.

In the back of my booklet I saved a few of my favorite good old-fashioned cards too,
like this one that was handmade by my good friend, Shelly.
She's been saving this card for many many years.....it's the first card she ever made.
I'm honored that she chose me to mail it to!!!

I also saved a couple of cards that didn't have photos, but had newsletters.
This seemed like the easiest way to save the newsletter.

I honestly can't believe how small this looks after being spread out all over my kitchen cabinets!!!

I thought it needed a little embellishment.  :)

It's a nice addition to my display box of mini photo albums.  :)

My 2012 mini album worked out so great that I thought I'd go back to my 2011 cards and do the same.
This is embarrassing, but as I was going through them I realized there were several that I hadn't even opened yet!!!  
Yeah, so I'm enjoying these 2011 photo cards for the first time........in 2013!  lol

I'm officially all caught up on opening my mail!  haha

Just wanted to briefly show you that I also completed our 2011 cards:

This is what I'm using to bind these together....found in the scrapbooking section of Hobby Lobby:
{and I do not have the patience right now to turn this crazy photo.....why do these photos do such crazy things?} 


  1. Okay I love this! I chuck mine every year and feel so guilty! And YES!-glad someone else isn't super on top of their paperwork like ME! LOL!!


  2. What an awesome idea! I need to try this next year :)
    I also save cards (birthday, Christmas, etc.) so this would be a great way to keep them together.


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