Jan 21, 2013

Burlap, White, Silver and Gold Christmas Crafts!

My first Christmas post....

in mid-January.

I know.....

I. Am. Never. On. Time!

I've been shifting towards the naturals/neutrals/metallics and loving it!
{the sparkly fabric and the string of bells are from Dollar Tree!}

Just made this joy banner, which was hugely inspired by Margie's Spark The Event online classes.
Seriously love her!  
I found her on Instagram {JustAGirl} just by chance nearly a year ago, not realizing she was such an amazing amazing crafter!
This Spark Your Christmas is the first series of online craft classes I've ever signed up for and it was totally worth every penny!
I can't even tell you how many projects is in this series.  I had a blast making, glittering and decoupaging like a boss!
Check it out!  She just reposted her Spark Your Valentine, which I will definitely also be signing up for!

Ribbons, strings of beads, book pages and burlap.

Doilies, coffee filters, and cupcake liners.

The final look of our Christmas mantel.
{I am hating that red paint now!  It's very soon on it's way out!  lol}

This adorbs wreath I made was also inspired by Spark Your Christmas!

I love her attention to detail and use of fun materials like book pages and...

...coffee filters!

I also made a cotton wreath, inspired by....
the cotton from our farm!
HERE are the details and tutorial on how it was made!

Are you ever just going along, mindlessly crafting, and suddenly realize you've made a big mistake?
Yeah, me too!  
Can you tell what's wrong?
{honestly, some ppl on FB and Instagram had no idea!  lol}
Keep in mind I was only decoupaging ONE side.

Haha.  There!  That's better!

Three different papers.

I just looooove our sparkly/natural tree!!

It's a little sparse, but we're getting there.  :)

I hope and pray that you all had a glorious and happy Christmas!!!

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