Jan 19, 2013

Cotton Pickin Wreath with a Burlap Bow

I've been wanting to make a cotton wreath for a while now.....

Inspired by....
the cotton from our farm!
{we have an abundance of it at the end of the year}
Yup, that's right, my big boys and I hand-picked our own cotton! 

I honestly love how helpful they are!

I just kept adding cotton branches and wrapping them with wire to hold them to the wreath.

Gave it the final touch of a big burlap bow 
and a little junk bow {that I learned how to make on Spark Your Christmas}
and voila!  A cotton wreath to be enjoyed year round!

I also put several large and small branches of cotton in between the branches of our Christmas tree to add more fullness and the look of snow.

I love all this Arizona cotton!!!!!

Hmmmm, wondering if the sweat pants you're wearing right now could have been made from our cotton???


  1. Gotta love AZ Cotton!!! And I LOVE this wreath...When I saw it hanging on your door I just fell in love with it...I'm thinking I just might have to make one of those and I would totally keep it up year round!! Your are awesome! Way too crafty!!

  2. I saw it in real life! Loved it!!! Beautiful post as well!

  3. Oh wow, I really love the things you are doing with your awesome cotton. Rustic beauty.

    Warmly, Michelle
    Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

  4. I love what you've done with your cotton. Do you sell it anywhere? If not, do you know a farm close to me that would? I'm at Hayden & 101 in north Scottsdale. My husband & I are from Mississippi & Louisiana so having cotton in our home would be special.



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