Jun 13, 2012

Mexico: We Go There!

If we had a dollar for every time someone......

well, you know, said something bad about traveling to Mexico,

we could pay for another trip to Mexico!

Mexico has gotten a pretty bad rap in the media.

Granted, PARTS of Mexico deserve bad publicity,

but to say that all of the United States is dangerous

and you shouldn't travel to there

because so many people are killed by gangs in L.A.....

is just silly!

So why would you NOT go to the good parts of Mexico?

Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) in Senora, Mexico
 is one of our very favorite traveling destinations!

We stay there at least once a year!

Beautiful Beaches!

Warm Ocean!

Fun Activities!

Excellent Food!

Affordable Prices!


and only THREE HOURS from Phoenix!

This is the beach in front of our resort
(which we booked through VRBO.com....vacation rentals by owner)
I didn't take any pictures this time of the inside of our resort unit,
but believe me when I say it's gorgeous!

The tides in Rocky Point are very unusual, 
which is one of the beauties of it.
The photos above were taken mostly when the tide was low,
which exposes a couple of small reefs where TONS of fascinating
sea life can be observed.
See that orange buoy?  When the tide is high it is out at sea.
The difference between low tide and high tide is 
like an extra 1/4 mile of beach.

It's CRAZY!  

And very cool!!! 

You can't leave your shoes and glasses near the water when the tide is rising,
 because five minutes later they'll be gone!

Only $40 for eleven of us to ride this banana boat!
And the boat owner took pictures for us for free!
So stinkin' fun!!!
You know you wish you were sitting on that getting splashed RIGHT NOW!

This trip we went with another family, the Wray's.
Such. A. Cute. Family!
They are the beautiful people!  Inside and out!
We took four of our kids, ages 9-17.
They took their four kids, ages 2-12.
And all eight kids deserve a medal for being so good!
Much ice cream was had by all!

Speaking of ice cream........
.....how adorable is their little Dayley?
I wish I were lying when I say that I took more pictures 
of their kids than I did of my own.
Sorry kids! 
 It was on accident!

We celebrated Trace's 15th birthday with a sunset dinner at Flavios, 
one of our favorite restaurants there.
Unfortunately, Trace broke his collar bone the week before,
so he 'had fun' watching the rest of us have fun all week.
Poor kid!
He got an extra scoop of ice cream!  ;)

Um, yeah, this speaks for itself.
The Phoenix forecast didn't look anything like that.

Well, there was one bad thing that happened on this trip.....
We blew a tire on our brand spankin' new
 four-wheeler trailer before we even got out of the Phoenix Valley.  Gosh!
I was very grateful that Chase (with his awesome coveralls) 
was there to help Cowboy fix it so we could get back on the road.
It was HOT waiting out there!

The photo right above in the middle is the view from our floor level balcony/patio.
This was taken in the quiet morning before anyone else was up and about.
So peaceful.

75% of my pictures were taken with my phone.  :)

This was at another beach, Las Conchas, which is lined with homes.
I could live there!

Maddie and Jensen.
Jensen and Maddie.
This is the most fun Maddie has ever had because she had a friend to play with.
They got along perfectly!
Dontcha just love their braided hair.
Locals walk along the beach selling all kinds of things, including braiding hair.
(I'm making Maddie keep those in til swim season is over).

Best. Mexican. Bakery. Ever!
Fresh out of the oven!
A dumpy little house in an unusual location with the most 
divine baked goods that are baked in a brick oven. 
 A fabulous Rocky Point secret!

I guess it's okay that no one goes to Mexico anymore.

More beach for us.

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