Jun 13, 2012

Father's Day for the dad of our house!

to all of you great dads!!!

Recently the dad of our house got a new grill.
Not just ANY grill.
He saved up and got a Traeger!

Say hello to the TEXAS MODEL!

We have LOVED every single thing that has come off that grill!
It smokes the food while it cooks it, 
and you can choose from any number of wood pellets to 'flavor'.
My personal favorite is Mesquite!

We got ours at Costco and saved hundreds of dollars.
Find out when Traeger is at your Costco on THIS Special Events schedule.

So now that he's got a HOT NEW GRILL,
I'm thinking BBQ gifts for Father's Day!

Mmmmm, yeah!
This'll make it easier to grill veggies and fish!
Smoked veggies are to die for!

And so will this!  
See that handle you can hook on it to move it off the grill?
Both of these grill accessories are from Home Goods.
 (I'm a discount shopper!)

A case of DAD'S Root Beer and a Dad's glass!
Cool, huh?
These are from World Market
which is NOT a discount store, therefore I only bought
root beer!  lol
But man, I  ***LOVE***  that store! 
 Every time I walk in there it makes me rethink decorating!
(It's my favorite place to get stocking stuffers at Christmas! 
 When you go there at Christmastime you'll see what I mean!)
I also got an adorable pop-up Father's Day card there.
Super fun!

Oh yeah, some Budweiser!
BBQ sauce that is.   ;)

We are going to Knott's Berry Farm later this summer,
and my man has a sweet tooth,
so these $2 boxes of cookies from Ross are perfect!

And finally, also from Ross, some blackberry syrup!
Have you ever been to the Northwest in August?
If you have, then you know.
Cowboy has big plans to go back this August 
just so he can get a fresh blackberry shake from Shari's Restaurant!  haha

Cowboy is an awesome dad who loves his ten kids and step-kids dearly!
Not many men would take on raising someone else's
 five kids without thinking twice about it.
It is a privilege to honor him on Father's Day!

Check out LAST YEAR'S handmade Father's Day for more fun ideas!


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