Jun 20, 2011

Father's Day Fun - Elmer's Glue Craft & Tell

Maddie & I were invited to participate with My Insanity's Mom and Me Elmer's Craft & Tell party.  
It was LOTS of fun!  
We got to make wonderful gifts for dad, make new friends, 
and bring home some incredible freebies from Elmer's Glue & X-Acto.
Each mom/daughter received some impressive goodies, including X-acto cutting mat,  knife, & scissors,  Elmer's glues and adhesives and these giant foam core blank cards to make a gigantic Father's Day card.  We also received several VERY cool Elmer's paint pens & gel pens (who knew Elmer's made pens??)

Maddie LOVED cutting out all of these coordinating ties  to create a fun Happy Father's Day banner!

Here's the completed banner.
We'll be using this year after year!  :)

Next, Maddie made this gigantic card from an Elmer's foam board.  
There was plenty of room for all the kids and grandkids to write their tributes to Cowboy.
(This was one of his favorite gifts!)

Finally, My Insanity inspired us to make this awesome gift bag out of a lunch sack.  
And super fast & easy!

In addition, at home the kids made these fun Dad Coupons.  I designed them to look like matchbooks.
Dad really got a kick out of these!  

 Notice the numbers 1 through up to 5 on the right hand side.  That's how many times he can redeem that coupon.  Haha.

Big thanks to My Insanity & Elmer's Glue for adding lots of extra fun to our Father's Day!!!

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