May 28, 2011

Cake Pops are a SNAP!

I know everyone and her sister has already posted about how to make cake pops, 
but I've had a few friends ask ME how I made MINE, so here ya go. 

As it was my first time making them and they turned out *almost* perfect, 
I thought I'd go ahead and share my technique.
(can it be called technique after only one time???)

What I used:  Boxed cake mix, canned frosting (I know, I totally did this the easy way!), Candy Melts, lollipop sticks and those little plastic treat bags.
Ohhh, you will need something to prop them up on after you dip them (mine is at the end of this post).
OR you can just prop them up into mini muffin papers with the sticks up.

Just a heads up, one of my very favorite bloggers and new friend, Destiny from A Place For Us
didn't have time to make the cake balls ahead so she did it like THIS.  Wish I'd thought of it first!

But if you want to make them yourself, keep reading.  ;)

I made the cakes the night before to save more time.

This is where my own 'special technique' comes in, I guess.  
The cake and the frosting have to get mixed all together, 
so why not break the cake into large chucks 
and messily frost them to get the frosting all in between from the start?  Then really smush it!
Yes, it worked fabulously!
(Girl, you KNOW you thought the same thing!)

Roll it into the size you want and lay it out on waxed paper.

If you freeze it at least 20 or 30 minutes, it will make the dipping MUCH easier!

Now for the funnest part...........DIPPING!
Slowly and low temp melt your Candy Melts in the microwave.

Dip your lollipop stick 
into the melted candy first.  
Make sure you have your 
Dr. Pepper on hand too!  
That's always a MUST! 

When you pre-dip your stick it makes it so much easier 
to gently rock your cake ball in the candy to the edges of what 
has already oozed out of the end of the stick.  Does that even make sense?
Be gentle & slow so you don't knock the cake off the stick.  
Don't twist the stick....just rock and roll.  Got that?
You'll know exactly what I mean when you're hands on.
(And I'm loving all of this DIP STICK talk!  haha)


Great, right?!

Okay, remember at the start when I said *almost* perfect?  
Well here is my imperfection.  *sigh*
I will get that figured out.

The most amazing thing was how great they tasted!  I didn't expect that!  
Got tons of compliments!  
They are fun, easy, and look great on your food display table!

Here are some sites that will help you even more.  
I made mine VERY basic, 
but there is no limit to how you can decorate them!



Continue on if you'd like a quick-help on making a cake pop stand

Measure the styrofoam block that is the shape you want, 
then trim up your selected paper to those dimensions.

Before you glue down your paper, measure where you want to punch your holes.
IMPORTANT:  Don't put the glue where your holes will be!

I loved using paper to cover the styrofoam stands 
because then I could tie them into the theme of our party 
AND I can easily change the paper for the next cake pop party.

Want to see the entire event for which I made the cake pops?
Click HERE!



  1. So cute. I love the holder too, how creative! I never would have thought of punching holes. My paper would have looked all ripped up. Just darling. I'm loving your blog!


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