Aug 22, 2017

DIY Dishwasher Clean/Dirty Magnet FREE PRINTABLE

I just don't want any more confusion.  That is all.  ;)

There were plenty of options out there, 
but I just wanted something simple that was black and white.  

I printed the one sheet on cardstock.
I used the same piece of cardstock to cut two more 'layers'.

I used a little glue stick (which I RARELY use) 
to adhere the three layers together.

I only wanted to cut this baby out once and I wanted the edges to line up.
THAT'S why I glued them together first.

But guess what?
Wet hands are going to be touching that
hopefully ALL.THE.TIME.
So I need to waterproof it a bit.
If you have a laminator,
you can skip the next couple of steps!

I love love love Scotch glue, 
but Elmers or whatever you have on hand will work fine.
I glued the edges with the tiniest most imperceptible line of glue.  
Less is best.
I just don't want my layers pulling apart.
See how much I trust glue stick?
Like, not at all.

I Modge Podged a veeeery thin layer on top.
Too much will just warp your paper.
You can already see a little warping on the right,
but it smoothed out after everything was dry.

After the front is dry, don't forget to Modge Podge the back too.

After it was completely dry
I added a couple strips of 
self-adhering magnets.

I love it!

Simple, practical, and made with supplies I had on hand.

My fingers are crossed that my family will now actually use it!

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