Jun 11, 2016

Relief Society Birthday Party Picnic - The Ants Go Marching...

Celebrating the 174th anniversary of the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints' Relief Society organization
with a picnic themed birthday party!

Mason jar flower vases with a junque bow and a string of buttons

Lots of food, as always!  
Chicken salad on croissants
Pasta salad
Fruit kabobs
Kettle chips
Veggie and dip cups
and the cutest mini home baked pies!

You can find this delicious recipe for the chicken salad croissants HERE.

When Beth first showed up with these veggie cups I kinda freaked out.
I thought ants were on the loose FOR REAL!
How stinkin adorable are these vinyl images she put on each cup,
plus the creative array of veggies on the toothpicks!

These pies!!!  
My Relief Society activities committee is amazing and dedicated!!!
Suzi made every single one of these tiny one-serving pies
 (about 60 or so of them)!
I mean c'mon!  I die for pie!  
Apple crumb top
Cherry lattice top
and Pumpkin chocolate top!
She even made the chocolate leaves that are on the pumpkin pies!!
So cute and so delish!!
Suzi has a fun blog with lots of amazing recipes and everything else you can imagine!
You can find her HERE!

Raspberry lemonade

That's a feast!!

One of the ladies in the presidency has the most gorgeous back yard.
This is Arizona!!
It's rare to see this kind of yard in my very desert neck-of-the-cactus!

Inspired by Pinterest, but worked with what I already had.
I love these napkin and plasticware holders!

The tables were layered with 
white tablecloths
burlap runners
black placemats (from Dollar Tree).

Three centerpieces...
mason jars with bright junque bows
white candles (from Dollar Tree) covered with a strip of scrapbook paper, bakers twine, and a little piece of bling I salvaged from a previous event
and a little white bowl/basket thing (Dollar Tree) filled with another sister's fresh lemons.

Everyone enjoyed the gorgeous evening!

I sure love all these ladies!!

But then......

An ant invasion!!
Marching two by two!!
Some of the sisters did a great little skit about visiting teaching.
So cute!!
They did a condensed version of the skit we found HERE.

 How cute are these adorable ants??

I loved this beautiful evening and really appreciated everyone's contributions to a great presentation of the meal and the entertainment!!

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