May 28, 2016

Cake Plates Made From a Chandelier and a Lamp

Chandy Multi-level Cake Plate

Lamp Cake Plate

As seen in my Dream Tea Party
here's the how-to on making a multi-level cake plate
out of an old {ugly} chandelier and
a single cake plate out of an old lamp.

I found this loooooovely old chandy at Goodwill for around $5.
I also found a cute set of dishes for $1 or less each, one dinner plate for the center plus 5 tea plates.
I added some muscle and a can of white spray paint
(that I already had)
and Voila!!
For around $10 I ended up with this fantastic cake plate!

After removing all of the electrical wiring and plastic bases for the light bulbs

I wrangled each 'octopus' arm until I got them all to touch the table
 at the same time when flipped upside down.

I gave it a good coating of spray paint.
Finally I used E6000 glue to adhere each plate to the chandy.

Does it make the cupcakes look extra delicious or what??
(I stole this photo from one of my friends who managed to get a better picture of it than I did.)

 Next I did kind of the same thing with a teapot lamp that I found at the same Goodwill on the same day.
What are the chances that I would find this marvelous teapot lamp???
I must be the luckiest person ever!!

It's not beautiful, but I saw it's potential!

Again, I removed all of the wiring
and pretty much took the whole thing apart.
Besides the teapot itself,
I only saved the wooden base, 
a couple of brass rings
and the plastic tube that the wiring went through.
I spray painted everything except the teapot white.
I then used E6000 to assemble it just the way I wanted it.
Another $1 dinner plate from Goodwill glued on top
and I have another beautiful cake plate that is just perfect for my tea party!

I used this cake plate for the adorable Easter cookies made by my friend's teenage daughter.

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