May 25, 2016

My Tea Party Dreams Have Come True!

I've planned a lot of parties,
but they are always for my kids, or on assignment for large groups.
This time it was just for my close friends and me!

I've been planning this party in my head for about 20 years,
so it goes without saying that I had a lot of fun with it!

Good friends who are also crafty and creative.

These gals wore Easter bonnets, which ROCKS!

Here's our whole group in our tiny felt Easter Parade hats
 that we made as one of our two crafts.

(that is like the worst photo of me ever!)


A small bag at each place setting
made to look like an actual tea bag
filled with chocolates and
herbal tea bags.

Fresh beautiful flowers

Mismatched tea cups, saucers and teapots which were
 mostly found at Home Goods.

The tables were covered in layers of table cloths, table runners, and doilies.
I decorated with old stacked books, birds, bird cages, teapots filled with various herbal teas, mini trees, sugar (cubes) and creamer sets, sets of pearl necklaces, old lace gloves, glass Easter eggs, and every other little thing.  
I *HAD* better pictures with my camera, but my computer crashed and all of those are lost
(I don't want to talk about it).


The placemats are large doilies that I found at Dollar Tree!
The napkins are vintage inspired hankies.
The clear glass plates I've been buying at various garage sales for over 20 years.



Finger sandwiches, fruit with cream, pasta salad
(I just noticed someone's cell phone is sitting

English scones, lemon curd, jam and fresh whipped cream

all. day. long, folks.  I could eat this all day long!


Bowls made of chocolate and filled with chocolate mousse, fresh cream and berries

These adorable sugar cookies made by Rachele's teenage daughter, Mikensee

I know this is a terrible photo, but again, my good ones are lost forever.
Anyway, if you haven't had cakes from Nothing Bundt Cake, then you are missing out.  
They are the most moist delicious cake ever!  
These are the buntini's (tiny cakes) in chocolate, red velvet and my favorite 
white chocolate raspberry.
I'll show you another time how I made that multi-level cake plate.

After enjoying our delicious lunch, we had a fun 


Besides making the tiny Easter bonnets...

we made paper teacups and teapots which you can read all about HERE.


Here are some extra photos that some of my guests posted on social media.
(since I don't have ALL of my pictures) ;p

Can you believe I didn't take a picture of my tea party chalkboard?  Oy!

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