Jun 9, 2016

Tea Party White Elephant Gift Basket Exchange

This is all about the delightfully fun and beautiful
 gift baskets that my guests and I created
I think this is what first got us all so excited 
and so into the spirit of it.

Way ahead of time, each of us chose a separate theme to 
create a beautiful basket full of goodies that we'd exchange 
in a white-elephant-rules type of game.  
I chose Tea Party, cuz hey, I was already totally in that mode.
I filled my basket with lots of  'British' goodies!

The first rule was to keep it around $30, so I didn't want to spend much on a container.
I found this perfect hat box at Goodwill for only a few dollars!

I'm a big fan of my Cricut cutting machine and was hugely inspired by a tea party set 
I found on the site SVGCuts.com.
SERIOUSLY cute stuff to cut and make on that site!!!
I made every single thing in that set!  
(plus I want to make every single thing on that entire website!!!)

The full post on these handmade paper teacups and teapots coming soon.

I found so many perfect tea party foods at World Market!

A 'tea for you and me" card that has a little see-through pocket for a tea bag.

Both of these, plus some fresh whipped cream on a scone,
oh.  baby!
They were also on the menu!

So in love with the paper teapot!
These take several hours to make.
Just sayin.

The matching paper teaspoon and teacup filled with little goodies.

There's that teapot again.
(it was so hard to give it away!!)

A paper tea dispenser.

A little sign that I designed.

It's an armful!
Cristy won my Tea Party Hat Box.
I hope she loves it!

So yeah, I thought my basket was pretty fun,
but when the other 9 ladies showed up with their baskets
I was totally blown away!!!!!!!
I invited 9 of my most creative friends and boy did they 
ever know how to show off their style!

Favorite Things Basket
Made by Shelly, won by Rachele

Spa Basket
Made by Janeal, won by Tracie

Fairy Garden Pot
Made by Tracie, won by Monika

Easter Basket
Made by Rachele, won by Kathy
(Rachele actually sewed the basket AND 
the adorable bunnies in it!)

Picnic Basket
Made by Monika, won by Sandy
(handmade placemats and little banner)

Craft Box
made by Sandy, won by Shelly
(and her adorable little daughter)

Vintage Baking Basket
Made by Cristy, won by Suzi

Beach Basket
Made by Suzi, won by Janeal

and finally...
Americana Basket
Made by Kathy and won by me!
(handmade home decor items and so much more!)

I adore these ladies for being so creative and making their baskets
 even better than I ever could have imagined!

Be sure to check out all the other posts on this fun

let us 
and talk
happy things!

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