Jun 10, 2016

Teacups and Teapots Made of Paper

As seen in my Dream Tea Party
we handcrafted teacups as one of our activities after lunch.
Cuz what's a party if you don't craft something??
I also included a handcrafted teacup and teapot as part of my gift basket.
Each of my 9 party guests and I chose a separate theme to create a beautiful basket full of goodies that we'd exchange in a white-elephant-rules type of game.  
I chose Tea Party, cuz hey, I was already totally in that mode.
I filled this basket with so many delightful goodies,
the teapot and teacup,
as well as several other paper handcrafted tea-themed items.

(I made an extra set for myself to keep cuz I loved them so much!)

It took us party girls quite a while to finish our teacups, 
but we had so much fun doing it!


It made me happy that Suzi posted this on social media!
Here are just some of the teacups the ladies made.

Well, we had so much fun making the teacups,
and a few of the ladies loved the teapot so much,
that we got together on a different day to make teapots.

Um, we might like flowers.

All items were cut with my Cricut die cut machine and
I used the files from SVGCuts.com

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