May 14, 2012

Girl's Camp Handouts and Gifts

Only one week of school left, and it's almost that time again for....


If you're like me
you're already thinking about and preparing ways
 to enrich the experience at camp this summer.

Last year I had the awesomely fabulous privilege of being a cabin mom
 (for the first time) 
over a group of 14 year old girls.  
Ohmygosh, what fun we had!

I loved girl's camp as a youth growing up in Las Vegas!!  
My young women leaders were fun, inspired, and dedicated!
But I gotta say, camp in Vegas was like REAL camping.
I like girl's camp in Arizona MUCH better!
More on that later for my upcoming post on how to
 make your camp experience more beautiful!  lol


Six days, six handouts
(any of these would also be great to give to your secret sister!)

Our camp theme was 
Happily Ever After
and a lot of focus was on recognizing that you are a daughter of God
which makes you royalty!
And on being prepared to be married in the temple

Princess Survival Kit
This is the front of a card I made for each girl.
I actually got the 'Princess in training' graphic from my Silhouette software.
We used the same design to make t-shirts for the girls in our ward
(which is different from the girls in my cabin
...although I did have three of my ward girls in my cabin
...which was FUN!)

The inside of the card
The other cabin mom and I signed our names under 'Your Cabin Queens'
I thought this might break the ice
 and let them know right away that we were there for them.

Here is their 'survival kit' that was placed with the card onto each of their pillows.

I stamped the back of the card too!

(cuz yeah, I forgot to take pictures of day two *sobbing*) 
Bubbles and a note to take on their hike

A note card with a removable mini address book and pen attached, so they could get the names, numbers, emails, cells, Facebook, Twitter of all the new friends they were making at camp.
This was probably my favorite gift to them because I love the butterlies and all the ribbon.
Inside the card...see how I made just two tiny slits 
in the card to make a nesting place for the pen?
I waited until I got to camp to write these personal notes to the girls.
I had to get to know them first, right?  ;)

I just love all the fun colors!
And ribbon makes just about ANYTHING a 100 times cuter!  

July 4th
We just so happened to be at camp over July 4th weekend,
so what better excuse than to raid everything red, white and blue that I could find
including these adorable buckets from Target's $1 section!
They were filled with red, white and blue
Tootsie Pops
Tootsie Rolls
lip gloss
and even cookies filled with red, white and blue chocolate chips!

Alma 46:16
"And therefore, at this time, Moroni prayed that the cause of the Christians,
 and the freedom of the land might be favored"

Going home day  :(
Handmade postcards
I used several stamp sets from Close To My Heart
(I'd be glad to tell you which ones if you really want to know)
The postage stamps are just stickers that I had in my scrapbook stash.

The front of these postcards were copied from a printables book
 (complete with CD)
that I found at Dollar Tree.
The book is filled with zillions of these vintage images 
that I'm absolutely in love with!
This was my farewell note to each of the girls,
wishing them a Happily Ever After!

Here is a GREAT idea from our stake.
One of these shoe hangers was hanging outside each cabin.
A 'pocket' for each girl so that notes, treats, etc
 could easily be snuck to them from their leaders and secret sisters.
Very handy!

I'm already working on my gifts for the girls for summer 2012!
This year the theme is owls,
Soooooo excited for the fun things I have in store
so check back!


  1. I'd love to know where you were camping!?
    Your ideas are awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I hope that everyone enjoyed this post very well. But I feel that you can add more interesting by adding video into this post.

    1. I don't have any video, but what kind of video did you have in mind?


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