May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was quite simple,
and yet, it was one of my favorite.
I'm just so happy with life right now,
my husband, my children, church, community, everything.
(except my weight....but there's always gotta be something, right?  lol)

Saturday Highlights:

The UPS guy delivered this

It's one of the cutest things I've gotten in the mail,
 and for it to be from one of my kids is just amazing. 
 Grandma says it shows maturity.  
Ya hear that, Shelby?
  Grandma Taylor says you're growing up!  
Thank you honey, I LOVE IT!
It made half my day!!!

The other half of my day was made when
Cowboy took the four kids still living at home and me
out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.
You have to know what a cheapskate he is to know how meaningful this is.
I mean, he'd take ME out in a heartbeat, but rarely the kids too.
He did it because he knew it'd make me happy.
It was one of those really fun, happy family,
 making memories kind of moments 
that just filled me all the way up, even though
 my steak was tough and too salty.  hehe 

The kids thought it was unbelievably cool
 that they got to throw the peanut shells on the floor.
  They kinda took that to the next level!

Sunday Highlights:

Church was great!  Great speakers, great lessons, just all around great!
Plus they handed out nice bookmarks and CHOCOLATE to all the moms.
(I was really hoping chocolate was on the Sacrament meeting menu!)

After church Cowboy started dinner.
ALL of it.
I did nothing.
It was excellent!
He cooked a big ham on his new Traeger grill, and it was delish!
I've never seen the kids eat so much ham!

Speaking of kids, Tom's youngest child, Trace, got to spend a few hours here.
I think that's the first time I've ever gotten to spend any time with him
on Mother's Day.
It.  Was.  Wonderful. to have him here!
His sister was calling Skyping from her mission in Honduras
 and he wanted to get to talk to her too!
Oh man, it was SO AWESOME to see her pretty face
 and chat about whatever we wanted!
She's been on her mission for 6 months and has another year to go.
The missionaries only get to call or Skype home twice a year....
Mother's Day and Christmas,
so it's a REALLY big deal!!!
We got to chat it up for about 20 minutes!
She is doing so super great on her mission!
She's mastered the Spanish language well enough
 to get by just fine with whatever she needs to communicate.
She's having amazing success and loving everything that she's doing.
We're so proud of her!!!

For weeks, I'd also been excited to Skype our son John,
 who is currently serving his mission in Peru.
 Alas, no Skyping this time around.
 It was so awesome!
He's been on his mission for 18 months
 and comes home THIS November.
  It'll be here before we know it!
So, no photos of him on Skype,
however he sent these photos just today.
 He took these right after he got off the phone with us.
  This is the first time he's had cereal in 18 months! 
 I mean, seriously?  He used to thrive on cereal!
 In Peru there is someone who cooks all of his meals for him
 and he gets a hot breakfast everyday.
 Spoiled, huh?
 He also has someone doing his laundry for him..
(these are some of the pluses of serving a foreign mission in a latin country!)
You might be in Peru if you're wearing your Alpacca knit Chullo while eating cereal for dinner.

No offense, rest of the family,
 but talking to our missionaries was my numero uno Mother's Day delight!

I was also pretty much diggin this amazing strawberry shortcake
 made by the greatest husband of my life!

Before the evening was over,
 I got to talk to my incredible foster mom, Charlene.
I adopted her when I was 16 yrs old
and she's pretty much been my mom ever since.
I could write 10 posts just about her!
I am so incredibly thankful for her
and everything she's done and been for my family!
Also, I love how she loves my husband.
 When he and I were dating she told me
 that if I didn't marry him, she would.
 I think she would have too.  lol.
  She wasn't all that hip on my previous husband,
so it's pretty cool that Cowboy has her full love and acceptance.
 And he deserves it!
She is precious!
My kids adore her and call her the favorite grandma!
(I hope none of their other grandmas read my blog.  Eek!)

Gifts from my family:
*Flowers from Cowboy and the kids that they snuck
 into the basket when we were at Costco on Saturday night.
 You know, the flowers that I pretended not to see.  ;)
*a darling card that Maddie had made for me in school.
*the precious bear and cookies that Shelby mailed to me from Tennessee
*and the most amazing card ever that my son Regan wrote
just in the short time I was on the phone with Grandma.

It says:

Dear Mom,
Thanks for being one of the nicest people I know.  I can't even express the gratitude, love, and affection that I have had for you from the beginning.  You've been there ever step of the way, through the gospel and my testimony, or even just manners at the dinner table.  I could go on and on listing all of my thanks for everything you've done for me, big or small.  Through your kind motherhood I've learned how to strengthen my testimony through love and the trials of life.  I would just like to wish you a happy Mother's Day this year.  There have been so many good memories of the both of us and as a whole family.  I LOVE you so much!

He handed it to me while I was still on the phone,
 then he disappeared upstairs.
So I read it out loud while Charlene was still on the line.
  I cried.  I think she did too.
 It's just so sweet!
 That kid!  Sheesh, he's a keeper!

I love being a M.O.M!

And of course, just because he's just so special and so new,
another shout out to our brand new grandson, Colby.
 He's just a few days old and we can't to meet him
 when we all venture to Texas in July for his baby blessing.
What a joy!

Sweet Dreams, Baby Colby!

I truly hope you had a lovely and memorable Mother's Day too.


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