Oct 8, 2012

Girl's Camp...that's what it's OWL about! {Gifts and Decor}

Last year I shared my camp DECOR and GIFTS for the girls.  
Those have been popular posts, 
so I thought I'd share our bigger and better camp decor and gift's from this year too.

Our theme?  OWLS!

And if you're reading this, I'm pretty sure you're OWLready a bird fan.

Soooo, what's cuter than ONE owl?


(my camera and I collectively suck at taking pictures!!!)
See HERE when these were so lovingly made.
Each of these owls was pre-named and had an adoption certificate...
all ready to be chosen and loved forever by each of my YCL's (youth camp leaders).

I very carefully named each one of these myself.  
They honestly became so personal to me.

Amber Poppy Fox

Rosemary Fawn Birch

Lavender Fern Heath and Windy Beech Cliff

The girls...........

and their moms
loved them!

Some of the girls attached them to their belts and backpacks and didn't go anywhere without them.
That made it worth every effort!!!

{the clothespins were Modge Podged with washi tape}

The YCL's also received owl bottle cap necklaces
as seen HERE.

Huge Pixy Stix that state
"Believe in Whoooo you are"

And on the final day, owl treat boxes filled with candy!
{pattern found on my Silhouette software}

Our fabulous hard-working camp cooks, Kary, Shari and April were big into the theme too!  
How adorable are these aprons made by April???
(these cooks spoiled us ROTTEN, btw!)

They even had matching hair owl flowers!!!
So clever!

Each of the YCL's got an owl name tag made out of goodies I had around the house.

Yes, those are cupcake liners!  :)


Our arts and crafts gals rocked it with this wood project!  Mine now hangs in my craft room!

Ahhhhhhh, what good times we had!

It just wouldn't be girl's camp without...

...the EPIC WATERFIGHT of a lifetime! 

...daily mountain rain storms! 

...weaving bracelets!

 ...daily flag ceremony, roll call, and.......

 .....our morning excercises led by our fearless YCL's!

 My camp clipboard.
Cuz anything cute is so cuter with tons of ribbon on it!


lotsa drinks for my YCL's!

And just so you don't think it was ALL fun and games......
our YCL cabin was at the top of this hill.......

then the top of these hateful stairs.
In that high altitude I was gasping for air for a few minutes each time I got to our cabin.
Um, yeah, embarrassing!  lol

I mint to tell you one more thing................


  1. I heart all these ideas! Those aprons - too cute! I wish I went to your girls camp! Will have to see if I can implement some of these ideas at any girls camps I go to in the future if they let me!

  2. LOVE all of your owl crafts!! Looks like you had a blast :)


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