Oct 4, 2012

Going To The Fair?

Ah yes, the Arizona State Fair is almost here!
October 12 - November 4, 2012

Going to a state or county fair is one of the most fun and American things you can do!
Cotton candy, corn dogs, kettle corn, funnel cake....
rides, rides, rides....
and SO much more!!

Have you ever entered one of your amazing crafts, recipes or other handiwork's in the fair?

Can you imagine winning a BLUE RIBBON
It's a GREAT feeling!

We encouraged our Young Women (church girls ages 12-18)
to come up with any project they wanted
and enter it into the fair!

Here was my invite to them...

I designed the information card and blue ribbon to slide right down inside the popcorn bag, with the blue ribbon tails hanging out of the bag.
I added a little bottle of Bath and Body Works Country Chic lotion (found in the clearance bin) into each bag to make it a little extra special.

It was amazing what our girls (and leaders too) came up with for their projects!

EVERYONE won a ribbon!!!

Can you even believe your eyes over this GORGEOUS gingerbread autumn farmhouse?  Seriously, it's unbelievable!  
It was made by one of our Young Women leaders, Hillari, and
IT WON BEST OF SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so not surprised!

And since we're here talking about fairs,
I'll throw in a few shots of our family day at
The San Diego County Fair
from this summer.

I hadn't been to a fair in almost THIRTY YEARS!
It was SO FUN!

One man band!

The animal exhibits are a must see!
I mean, look how adorable those baby piglets are!!


I scream, you scream.......

Cowboy and I saw Lonestar in concert
while the kids stayed on the rides!
They sounded GREAT and
it was very romantic!  :)

The San Diego County Fair theme was

A day at the fair is a WONDERFUL family activity!!!



  1. The AZ State Fair wins as my favorite fair because one year I went they had pineapple whips like you can find at Disneyland and in Hawaii. Heaven. Its worth coming back to AZ for. (roadtrip!) Friend is having a surprise bday party at the end of the month and if I roadtrip down for it maybe I'll go to the fair too! That'd be awesome. What a fun YW activity! I am in YW in my ward too. Did the girls make things beforehand and then bring them to the church? So much creative talent & I LOVE the invites!

    1. Hi Stacie!

      Seriously, I love your comments! You're the best!

      I didn't know that about the AZ fair......so glad to know! Will have to check that out! AND YOU'LL BE ROADTRIPPIN TO AZ??? WAHOO! Maybe we'll finally get to meet! GIRLS LUNCH!

      The girls DID make things beforehand. We encouraged them to work on whatever they wanted and gave them entry forms and a deadline. Then a leader took the finished projects (there were several) to enter them for the girls. While the fair was going on, we had an activity where the girls who wanted to could go to the fair as a group and check out the exhibits and so forth. The girls loved it!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I agree! I'd never seen anything like that in my life, and I had no idea that my friend Hillari had that kind of talent. So fun to share her photo!

      So when's the next party? It always seems to be a good time when you're around! lol


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