Oct 11, 2012

Pinterest Party @ Clever Pink Pirate's

Hey y'all, what's up?

Who loves PINTEREST?  Awesome!  Me too!!!
Sara at Clever Pink Pirate had a super fun Pinterest Party at her home some time ago
(I am way backlogged on sharing the good stuff)

Sara plus Laura from Pink Cake Plate were SO PREPARED to make this an amazing get-together!
The swag was GREAT!  They are unbelievable!

Another luscious name tag!

Strawberry lemonade in jars
and decorated water bottles!  SO CUTE!

Delicious food and lovely treats everywhere!

So the whole idea of a Pinterest party is to make something 
that was inspired by something you saw on Pinterest.
I didn't see this on Pinterest, but I was on an owl kick, making things for girl's camp.

I Modge Podge'd printed owl images onto bottle caps.

After Modge Podge'ing, I added a owl charm and a bead and strung them onto a chain.
The girl's at camp LOVED them!

My funny Maddie decorated a jar to fill with candy for a Father's Day gift.
She had a great time too!

It was SO GREAT to see some old friends and make some new!!!
(only a few of the attendees are pictured)

So much thanks to Sara at Clever Pink Pirate
and Laura at Pink Cake Plate!!!

I'm thinking we should call them the PINK LADIES!  :)

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  1. I'm glad you and your daughter had fun and she did a great job on that jar! The owl jewelry is so cute too!


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