Jun 11, 2012

Wild Animal Print Owl's

What's black and white and wild animal print all over?


As soon as I saw a similar owl on Instagram, 
I just knew I had to make these for my YCL's (youth camp leaders) for girl's camp!


And here's what the back's look like.
I know, right?!!!!

I found this animal print fabric at a yard sale last fall.
I'm not a sewer, but I knew I'd eventually figure out something 
to make with these luscious animal prints!

There are so many adorable stuffed owls out there,
but I've never seen any made out of wild animal prints til now.
Have you?  ;)

I freehanded a pattern

decided on 3 sizes for the eyes

and my owl-helping-crew and I cut out a gazillion fabric circles plus
beaks that look like tortilla chips.

Did I do all of this alone?

Oh, no no.

Remember, I'm not a sewer.
(I'm mulling over it though)

I enlisted the generous and wonderful Kathy
Ohmygosh, she helped make this project such a breeze!
We had so much fun working on these baby owls.

(she could be a hand model!)

...and Megan, who refuses to have her picture taken

Megan is one of my little 15 yo friends in young women's.
Her family is out of town, so she's staying with our family for a couple of days.
Little did she know that she was going to get roped into this.
But wow, she was a huge help and did a great job!

Megan glued the eyes and beaks so they'd stay in place for Kathy to sew them on.

I freaking LOVE these!

We stuffed the owl's with regular poly-fill
then placed a baggie of rice into the bottom before sewing them shut
to add weight and balance.
Maddie was an awesome baggie filler!

Owl Owlways be in love with these guys!

For more owl inspiration visit my owl Pinterest board!


  1. I just had to come here to say TWO things:

    1) I love animal prints (especially leopard) so these things are DOUBLY adorable...


    2) I am NOT A SEWER either and I can totally commiserate with you on that.

    Heather R.

    1. Babysitter Heather, is that you? Did you actually make a comment on my blog? You made my day! lol

      Thanks re: owls! I hope the YCL's love 'em too!

      Why are we not sewers? If I had a decent machine I might like it a whole lot more. hehe

      We *heart* you!!

  2. SO FUN! I know the girls will appreciated this unique gift. I'm impressed that you drew your own pattern. And the rice in the bottom is a great idea too. Our girls camp is western this year. I've got to start thinking of some cute stuff to wear!

    Warmly, Michelle

    1. Thanks Michelle! You are such a doll!!!

      Western theme? HOW FUN!!! What's your role at girls camp? Last year was my first time going as a full-time leader and I LOVED it! So glad I got asked back again this year! I hope you have a great time!

  3. Cindy these are so cute!! I am totally stealing this to make for my 3rd year girls. I hope you don't mind! Can't wait to see you!



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