Jun 16, 2012

Insta Friday - May 26 - June 15'ish

Lotsa photos this week! 
It's more like two weeks.
Or so.

May 26 - 'twelve o'clock'
At noon Maddie and I were crafting a hand mirror for her.

May 27 - 'something sweet'
Trace (far left) broke his collar bone (badly...x-ray photo to follow)
and good friends from his Teachers Quorum came to 
bless/serve the sacrament for him at home.
I thought it was so sweet of them to do that for Trace!!
Again, he's only smiling so big and looking so great
cuz he's on the big drugs.  lol.

May 28 - 'today's weather'
*Phoenix (us)
*Arequipa, Peru (son)
*San Pedro Sula, Honduras (daughter)
*Knoxville, TN (daughter)

May 29 - 'a number'
Trace's x-ray.
His collar bone is TWO pieces instead of one.
See, I told you it was bad!

May 30 - 'my personality'

May 31 - 'something beautiful'
Our 17 yo, Grady just finished this fabulous walkway in front of our house
so that we don't have to stumble over the gravel anymore.

June 1 - 'morning'
Our 11 yo, Regan washed a LOT of windows that day!

Don't ask.  lol.

New favorite YouTube video!!!!
Check it out!
I PROMISE you will love it!
(I cried my face off!)

June 2 - 'empty'
Just about to pack for our trip to MEXICO!
(blog post is already up)

A bit of a mishap on the way to Mexico.  Whoops!

The view from our patio at the resort in Mexico.
Such a GREAT trip!!  

June 3 - 'on my plate'
Nothing on my plate......ate a dog on the run.  ha.

This was the temp INSIDE the house when we got back from our trip.

This is how we quick thaw in Arizona!

Wild Animal Print Owls that some friends and I made
for our upcoming girl's camp.
(blog post is up)

Just pokin a little fun at Cowboy,
 the man who claims he doesn't need a smart phone.
uh huh.

This makes me want to leave town again!

My very first Birchbox finally arrived!

Just one of the goodies from the Birchbox!
How cool is this?!!!

The swag from last night's Arizona Bloggers Pinterest inspired party.
I never expected SWAG.
Especially SWAG this good!  Wow!!
Will blog more about that later.

This was the project I worked on at our Pinterest party.
Another goodie for my girls at girl's camp.

The Pinterest party was hosted by 
Laura from Pink Cake Plate
Isn't Sara's Pinterest door wreath adorable?!!!
They went all out!

Instagrammed a photo of the Father's Day banner
 Maddie and I made last year.
You can find my Father's Day posts

And Happy Father's Day to all you great guys!

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  1. Hi Cindy, LOVED the video. It made me cry at the end. {Couldn't help it!}

    Warmly, Michelle


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