Aug 2, 2012

T-Mobile Event hosted by I {heart) Nap Time

I've been away for so long

School starts next week, 
and as sad as I am to send my kids back to school,
 I'm actually looking forward to having more free time
 to organize, decorate and BLOG!

I'll start by sharing this week's fun event
sponsored by T-Mobile
and hosted by the lovely

Jamielynn fed us well!

The employees at T-Mobile were there to inform us
 of some really great cell phone safety features they have to protect your kids!

They sure knows how to make learning FUN!
I had a blast playing games with Sara from Clever Pink Pirate!


                   They were also VERY generous with prizes and gift SWAG bags!  

Kristyn from Lil Luna won a new phone!

JoAnna from Baked By Joanna also won another amazing electronic device!

I won this lovely picnic basket filled with super cute dishes, a picnic blanket
and a $50 gift card for Whole Foods!

Several others won great prizes too, 
including Kristy from The Diary of Dave's Wife
and Kelli from LollyJane (whom I FINALLY got to meet!)

Here's our gorgeous PAPARAZZI!

Blogging events:
 the only places where you are EXPECTED to be on your smart phone!

It was so fun meeting up again with
Laura from PinkCakePlate
(who was also my roommate from SNAP!)

...Sara from Clever Pink Pirate whom I first met at SNAP earlier this year
and Destiny from A Place For Us 
whom I first met at Creative Estates last year.  
We actually live really close to one another,
 but only see each other at blogging events.  lol

The very sweet and gorgeous Vanessa from See Vanessa Craft.
I first met her at a Pinterest Party a couple of months ago
(which I have yet to blog).

...and the very talented, sweet, YOUNG and lovely Jamielynn from
 who hosted this super fun event!
(you make me look like your grandma!  lol)

Thank you Jamielynn for all of your hard work!!!

And thank you T-Mobile for being so informative and generous!


  1. Looks like tons of fun, and I see lots of familiar faces there!

    1. Hi Steph!

      It WAS really fun! I love that some of these ladies really go all out for cool events like this! And I feel blessed that I get to go! :)

      All the best to you!


      PS. Are you going to SNAP again???

  2. I'm so glad we all won! It was great to see you. :)

    1. I can't believe how lucky we were to win such great prizes! Are you still enjoying your new toy? :)

      It was great to see you too!!!

      Are you going to be at Glitter Academy later this week? If so, I'll see you there! :)

      All the best to you,


  3. Looks like fun! I see faces from CE too! =)

    1. Hi Julie,

      Yes, it's funny how I see so many of these girls only at events. I guess I could call 'em my EVENT-FRIENDS! lol

  4. Fun! How did you get to do this? Someone did this in UT a few weeks ago at the Tmobile store. I just dont you go to the Tmobile store and say, I want to host something, here is my plan? Looks like an awesome time had by all!

    1. Hi Stacie!

      I think the event planners (big bloggers) get offered this opportunity through one of the company's that coordinates with big corps like this.

      I'm just glad I get to go once in a while! lol

      Your AZ friend,



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