Jan 19, 2013

Holy Sweet Mother of Salvage!

I am slowly discovering that Phoenix has a treasure trove of vintage and antique shops.
Seriously.......it has changed my life!
My life has become about 'The Hunt'.
Hunting for that perfect piece of junk.
{Remember my hunt for the perfect wooden box?}

There's a place in town called Sweet Salvage that is only open 4 days a month.
I just couldn't understand that.
Four days?
Why would a store only be open for four days???

I've been getting their newsletters for the past few months, but never got around to going
{family in town, holidays, illness, etc}
but this month I gathered a few of my awesome junking friends and we went to check it out.
We brought a truck.....you know.....just in case.


Now I totally get why they're only open four days a month.
They sell it all in four days!
We got there a few minutes before they opened and the line was already wrapped around 2 1/2 sides of the building!
It was like Walmart on Black Friday!

We were a little freaked and a whole lot of excited to see what it was all about!
I gotta hand it to Sweet Salvage,
they.  are.  organized!
What could have been a nightmare pushing through swarms of bodies carrying armloads of treasures, was actually an experience of "Hi, can I store those things for you until you're ready to check out?"
Every customer is given a lanyard with a number/letter on it...and that becomes your identity, whether you're buying something big or small.  
Such a fun experience!

This beauty, which includes the two big wire baskets, is coming home with me!
It's exactly what I was looking for!!!!!!

Now for the checkout line.
Oh wait, more pleasant employees right there to tell us that we are welcome to go shopping to other stores (it's an antique shopping district) and go to lunch (yes, we'd been wandering in there for that long), then come back later when the checkout line isn't so long.

Sweet Salvage does, that's who.

So we wandered the neighborhood in other shops
(none as sweet as Sweet Salvage)
and had lunch in THE ORIGINAL Spaghetti Factory in the uptown area.


It's gorgeous in there!
And the food is always good!

I always order the same thing.  lol
And my friends Kathy, Suzi and Tracie ordered the same thing too.
We're exciting like that.

After going back to the checkout line
{which wasn't much shorter....lol}
we had to stop at Home Goods on the way home.
Because we must.

I know you're dying to see what I did with that old dirty pottery shelf, right?


When I brought this home, Cowboy thought I was going to fix it up.
Uh, now why would I go and do a fool thing like that???
The most I may ever do to it is a bit of whitewash to tone down the dark brown.


Soooooo perfect for a few of my old {and new} treasures!

I just got all of these vintage books at Sweet Salvage too.
I am hugely influenced by Tuesdays with Dorie!
It's all her fault that I had to have those green books!
Hers is the only blog {other than mine} of which I've read every single word.
Yup, I went back and read every one of her posts.  
It's that good.
She's downhome.
She lives in Phoenix.
I've seen her house.
I want to live in her house.
With or without her....it doesn't really matter.
I love her dog.
This is the post that got me, hook line and sinker!

But Dorie is a whole other fabulous subject.

But back to my lovely new shelf......

An old treasure that's been hiding in my cupboard for many many MANY years!
A soup tureen that I think I got for $5 at Savers.
I used to frequent that place back in my Utah days.

Another old treasure from my old Utah Savers days.  $3!
We actually use this water pitcher every single sit down dinner.
It classes up the meal, ya know?!
I recently got the mercury glass pine cones for 80% off at Kohl's. 
They might still have some {Christmas clearance}.  Love them!

A few new treasures.....this darling little cream pitcher from Home Goods. 

A precious teapot from Home Goods.

...and a gorgeous cake plate from.....can you guess?  Home Goods.
If you have never shopped there, you must!
The prices are unbelievably great!
It's a subsidiary of TJMaxx, so they're pretty much everywhere.

Have yet to figure out what to store in these amazing wire baskets that came with the shelf.
Maybe store my formal dining linens, I dunno.

and on the very bottom shelf is a perfectly matched basket I already had, that I've used to hold all my mini crafty photo albums.  It loves it's new home!

So the junking friends and I have already calendared the next Sweet Salvage event.
{I downloaded their app on my phone so I never miss a thing!}
Hope we don't see you there, it's already too crowded.
haha.  just joshin!
I wish happy successful junking to all my friends!!!


  1. The book shelf turned out amazing! It was a perfect find!! I can't wait till next month!!

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I read every word of your post today. You're quite the
    story teller. I wanted to thank you personally for taking
    the time to come hang with us at Sweet Salvage. I remember
    when my wife Kim first showed me a vintage piece.
    I said "We can clean that up or maybe paint it" - She laughed.
    Kind Regards,
    Jim Rawlins
    Sweet Salvage

  3. isn't sweet salvage the most amazing place? they have the best staff and the most talented designers who display and fashion the spaces with artistic touches and vignettes. i absolutely LOVE going there, and i am sure you will be a continuous attendee....like me...


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