Feb 24, 2013

Sweet Salvage Treasures!

Sweet Salvage lives up to it's name!

The junkin' is SAWEEEEEET!!!

Frame, threshold and all!

I would love an old beat up farm table in my dining room!
The table I have now is so pretty and scratch free.  lol

A whole section for you hippies!

There were two sets of these industrial lights....I wanted these BADLY!  
They'd look amazing over my kitchen  bar!  
But sadly, as you can see, they already had a sold sticker on 'em.  :(

They even had lots of glittery girly goodies!

Me loves!!!
I'll take three!
One for my bathroom vanity.
One for my craft room.
And one for Maddie's room.

Shandies everywhere!
Seriously, one of these days!

....bought some goodies out of this little treasure box!

This looks like a big dresser, but actually it's a little dresser top box.  
Soooo adorbs, but way over the budget.

Something for everyone!

I am hugely flattered that Sweet Salvage now follows my little 'ol humble blog!
They don't follow many people, but if you look at their page, you'll see me over on the left hand side under "Our Sweet Friends".  
Sweet Salvage, I am honored to be your friend!!!

I'm a little disappointed at my self-control!  lol
But here are the treasures I brought home.
A lacy blouse, another green book, and some happy little vintage game cards.
I musta had dyslexia when I set those cards there.

But just look how super fun!!!

The junkin' friends and I shopped up an appetite!
Someone recommended Postino's, which wasn't far from Sweet Salvage.
Wow, the food was great!
Tracie, Kathy, Suzi, Rachele-ee, Cindy{me}, and Christy.
That's Christy's little boy, and boy-oh-boy was he ever cute!
He has red hair JUST LIKE MINE!
I coulda kidnapped him and no one would ever suspect a thing!

I was trying to be good, so I had the soup and salad, YUMMY, buuuuut......

I was really coveting Rachele's lunch of multiple kinds of bruschetta!!!
And here I thought bruschetta was just about tomatoes.

A little confused at the ladies room!

But a little extra touch on the toilet paper!!!  lol

You can stick it right here!


Hi again....here's a fun update:
Sweet Salvage posted a video on Facebook and I'm adding it here cuz my friends and I are IN IT!  lol

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  1. Wow - this looks like such a fun day. *Sigh* I confess I am jealous, but I enjoyed it vicariously through your awesome pictures.

    Warmly, Michelle
    Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust


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