Oct 3, 2013

Annual Holiday Open House

It's only the very beginnings of October and
Now I can just enjoy the rest of the holidays and be totally relaxed, right?

Yeah, right.  ;)

Meet my beautiful vendors!
Carol from Thirty-One Bags
Jen makes her own jewelry
Meaghan from Tastefully Simple
Andrea from Scentsy, Grace Adele AND Velata
Bethany and Brittany from Jamberry

The party was great!
I had wonderful vendors who worked hard,
the food was delicious,
(much of which was from Tastefully Simple),
and the turnout of friends was even better than last year!
My house was buzzing with ladies having fun shopping, eating and visiting with one another.
I love when I see my friends make new friends with my other friends!!!

The table looks similar to last year, but believe me, the recipes were different.
Next year I may need a new tablecloth just to mix things up!  lol
You can find a few of the recipes from last year's blog post
and yeah, pretty much the rest was provided by Tastefully Simple!

Sooooo here's what happened........

I planned an extensive menu.....

I cooked and baked for days.....

I climbed to the top of a 16' ladder to repaint a couple of areas of my house.
I hate heights!
And I have painting phobias!

 I redecorated my house........{click on link to see the autumn decor}

I rearranged furniture to bizarre places so my vendors could set up shop.........

I took a couple pictures of food and a couple of my vendors displays..........

Velata fondue chocolate {super delicious!}

 Velata products


Tastefully Simple

..........and then..............

my camera card was full and I couldn't remember where my spare was.

So, no more pictures.

Sooooooooooooo bummed!!!!!!!!!

Next year I'm assigning one of my kids to be the photographer so I can be busy enjoying my friends and NOT FORGET TO TAKE PICTURES, LIKE I ALWAYS DO!!!!!!


Thankfully a couple of my darling friends took photos and posted them on Instagram.

What a nice surprise that was the next day!

Thank you Rachel and Jill!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's on YOUR party menu this year???

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