Oct 2, 2013

Halloween / Autumn: My favorite time to decorate!

Last year it was all about Black and White Halloween.

This year, it's all about the COLORS OF AUTUMN!

Funny how we're so fickle, huh?!

I am loving the Autumnlicious color of my mantel!

Get an eyefull of these owls!  
I recently made these in Margie Romney-Aslett's class 
(which I'll tell you about later.....it was a bucket list experience for me!)

I recently made the SPOOKY banner at Crop-A-Roo!  I love the fun it adds!
You can order the elements for it from Stampin Up!
And if you like the bunting below it, my neighbor makes these and you can get yours HERE.
She's an amazing sewer and makes all kinds of adorable stuff!

I also made this BOO frame at Crop-A-Roo!

And the tray on the left/back I made at Crop-A-Roo!
The Happy Halloween pumpkin frame in the front I made at Rachele's a couple years back.

These glittery ceramic pumpkins are from Hobby Lobby this year, 50% off!

(Notice anything different?  Yeah, I FINALLY repainted that nook above the mantel!)

Better, huh??
I couldn't take one more Halloween with a red background!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here's above the other mantel on one side....made this little cutie last year at 

Same side....plates....exciting stuff.

Other side of this mantel, a very old-fashioned ceramic Frankie that I made more than a couple of decades ago!  It's pretty much the only Halloween decoration I cling to from my past life because he's just so dang colorful and cute!  My kids love him!

More crafts with Margie!
She even designed the PAPER that this F.A.L.L. banner was created with!
Super talented, that girl!!!

A few more vignettes around the house....... 
 The orange and purple pumpkins are from the dollar section at Target!
The purple already had bling on it's bling!  SCORE!
The white pumpkin is REAL,
and my daughter Maddie put some adorable washi tape stripes on it!
Love it!  Good job Maddie!  (she's 11 years old, folks!)
I made a bow that is just sitting on the top
 (didn't hot glue it cuz I reuse and reuse and reuse ribbon like that).

You were wondering what I did with all the black white and silver from last year, weren't you?
Well, here is some of it.
Arranged on a tray with some added disgustingness... 
A frog and a spider in a jar of oozy liquid.
These are edible.
Who the H. E. DOUBLE TOOTHPICKS would eat these? 
A rat too!  
*shivers down my spine*

You remember her.

A few black birds and a spider on a cake tray placed under a cage 
I found last year at Junk In The Trunk.  
Creepy goodness!

{I love autumn orange!}


Home Goods and Ikea hooked me up with these throw pillows!

Now it's finally cool enough to enjoy the outdoors again!

Have you seen these signs at the Target dollar section?
Seriously crackin me up!
That farmer looks excited to be chased by a Zombie!  Just sayin.
Counting the days til The Walking Dead is back on!



  1. Seriously Gorgeous my dear! I love your owls! I just hijacked a pinterest project yesterday and made some. . . different than yours, but cute too! I want to be you when I grow up!

    1. That's funny, since I'm always TRYING TO BE YOU!!!!!!!

      Did you see my Crop-A-Roo post yet? That was such a great time!!!

  2. So cute!!! I love your mantle. The banner is precious!


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