Oct 2, 2013

Card Swaps til the cows come home!

 Like I said before, I've had so many card swaps or card making lately, I thought it best to just create a whole new post dedicated just to cards!  :)

This first set is what I swapped with the gals at the Crop-a-Roo.
They are all very cute, and I thought it was interesting that they are all pretty much subtle.
Can you see what I mean?
Anyway, I love em!
Thanks Crop-A-Roo pals!

Love the sweet banner!

 This Christmas one made by Rachele!

Here is the card I made for the ladies.....18 of em!

This next group of cards are what we made AT the Crop-A-Roo in a cardmaking class.
Again, the Crop-A-Roo gals are Stampin Up demonstrators, so these are pretty much made out of Stampin Up materials.

You had me at glitter berries!

This glittery paper is as gorgeous as it looks in a picture!

This last group of cards are what was swapped to me in my Meetup group!
I couldn't physically make it to the swap due to a prior commitment, but was glad someone else took care of it for me, after I dropped off my ten (all the same) cards to her.

This is so glittery and totally adorable in person!

I always love me some bunting!  And a colorful snowflake?  Yes!

Super glittery butterfly!  Super cute in person!

 Adoring this vintage teacup card!!!

Hey Mr. Froggy!  Where's toad?

Yes!  A man card!  I never have enough of these!

Hope you enjoyed these and that you are inspired for your own card swap!

Happy paper crafting!!!

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