Oct 1, 2013

Crop-A-Roo Hoo to you too!

Holy cases of TAPE-RUNNERS, Batman!!!

I recently signed up for several crafting events and they all pretty much fell within a week of each other!  Yikes!

First off, I had signed up for a Meetup group card-swap.....that, plus two other handmade card swaps or makes, I may as well just show them to you in a separate post because there are so many!
They are so cute, you won't believe it!

Secondly, my friend Rachele invited me to Crop-A-Roo, and it sounded too great to pass up!
It was SOOOOO FUN!!! 
We spent three days at a hotel just crafting ourselves into oblivion!

I had been out of town when the individual class signups became available, so I asked Rachele to just sign me up for whatever she had already signed up for.  

Um yeah, she signed us up for almost everything!  lol
(I'm glad she did!)

dotcha just love a blurry picture?

Seriously love my crafting friends!

So we loaded up the Buick and we moved to Beverly.......Scottsdale that is,
swimming pools, movie stars!

This was our space for three days!
The white cloth covered tables are where we had classes 
and the black ones in the back are where we each had our own individual space to work on our scrapbooks and crafts.

Hello, Miss Rachele!

And hello lots of elbow room!
This whole table was  JUST.  FOR.  ME!
I'm used to being super crowded at crops (and I hate that).

There was already a name tag, an adorable kangaroo and candy waiting!
Plus some super adorbs handmade swag from Rachele!
PLUS......how stinkin cute is that poodle on the water bottle???
Yeah, these organizers are C.R.A.Y.- C.R.A.Y!

And oh yeah, how CUTE is this adorable apron???
There was one tied to the back of each of our chairs when we arrived,
handmade by Becca Seibert and Duana Foster (one of the crop organizers).
Seriously, first class treatment all the way!!
I loved this apron so much, I even wore it all the way home.

This year's theme was Crop Hop, so the whole front area looked like a 50's soda shop!
A soda jerk served us root beer floats when we first showed up!
So cool!

The room was SO decorated, at first I thought it was a shopping boutique too!
Nope, all this stuff was there just to inspire us and to make the room more cozy!

I really love these Halloween projects we made!

These other holiday projects turned out pretty cute too!
Just wait til you see how I've already displayed all the Halloween projects in my home!
These gals are Stampin Up demonstrators, so pretty much most of the supplies we used were from Stampin Up.  Cute stuff!!

Every night Rachele and I were the last ones cropping (anywhere from midnight to 2 am), 
and being the early bird that I am, I was always the first one back in there in the morning (8 am).
Needless to say, it took me a few days to recover after I got back home.  :)

In addition to cropping and crafting, we had signed up for the card swap and scrapbook page swap.
Didn't sound like a big deal til we found out that 18 people signed up for the card swap
and 14 for the scrapbook page swap.
What this means is that I had to make 18 of one card
and 14 2-page layouts.....that's 28 scrapbook pages!!!

I don't know what I would have done if my wonderful D.I.L. Brooke, and grandson Layton hadn't come to help me out!

Rachele's paper crafts are always adorable!!!  This picture does this layout no justice at all!

I felt inspired to do a Christmas layout
28 of these was KIND. OF. A. LOT!  lol
But wow, we sure got some awesome pages back from the other ladies we swapped with!
Not one single layout was anything less that fun and lovely!
Seriously, I could do another whole post on just all the scrapbook page layouts I ended up with!

It is no lie when I say I've never seen so many polka dots and stuffed kangaroos in my life!
That's me way over on the far right in the white pants and a nice tan (just spent a week at the beach).

Such a great time with my old friends Diana (brown polka dots) and Rachele (black polka dots),
and my new Crop-A-Roo organizer friends, Mercedes and Duana, who totally rocked this event!
Thank you ladies!

Plus other new wonderful friends Michelle and Linda (mother/daughter).
These ladies are AWESOME!

I hope to return next year...
...with Rachele, of course!  :)

(so yeah, didn't include a couple of the other events,  I'll have to save it for another post cuz this is long enough as it is!  lol)


  1. These are some of my favorite memories EVER! Can't wait for next year!

  2. dang that looks like SO much fun!! How cool! When I move back to AZ someday it would be neat to participate, if they do it again


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