Oct 20, 2013

Young Women's Values Pinterest Bulletin Board

We were inspired by the Young Women's Pinlight board 
that we found on Pinterest and 
which was designed by Burlap and Denim.

We created the following bulletin board in our Young Women's room with Burlap and Denim's pdf files, but organized the pictures to be grouped with the values and renamed them Value Pins.

I love how it turned out!


Divine Nature

Individual Worth

(where's Knowledge?  lol)

Choice and Accountability

Good Works



I brought lots of colorful paper and showed the girls how to make lollies 
to fill in a few gaps with fun color.

Who you callin a lolly addict?

It's crazy and busy, but it's INTERESTING and it gives the girls something fun to look at in an otherwise drab Young Women's room.  
First, we used animal striped wrapping paper to cover the background.
Then we used a 12 x 12 sheet of paper in each of the value colors to create a defined area for each value.
The other counselor, Kathy, used her Silhouette machine to cut out the words.  She used an awesome font, didn't she?

Thank you Burlap and Denim for a great start to our Values bulletin board!

I would LOVE to see pictures of any bulletin boards YOU'VE created, whether they are for Young Women's, or anything else!  Put your link in the comments below.  Thanks!

Happy Pinning!
Happy Values!
Happy Bulletin Boarding!
Happy Inspiration!
Happy Everything!


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