Apr 10, 2012

Arise and Shine Forth Young Women Blocks

Can you tell that I'm super excited to tell you about our 
New Beginnings and Young Women In Excellence night?

Well, I AM!

I'm gonna break it down into a few smaller posts, cuz seriously, 
I have issues with posting too many pictures in one post.
You probably noticed.
I *heart* pictures!

Our Young Women's presidency saw these blocks on Lil Luna's blog and fell in love with them!
Simple to make, yet poignantly expressing the Young Women's theme for this year.
Lil Luna also designed the free printable.

There are a few color schemes to choose from, but we chose to use only this one.
And that is how the color scheme for our entire activity was born!

I picked up all of the supplies
2 x 4's (which Lowe's cut for me FOR FREE!)

Ann printed the printables

Kathy painted them and put them together

Ahhhhh, teamwork is so great!

I love how polished AND rustic they are, all at the same time.

Our theme for our night was 
Leap Into Personal Progress

Any guess why that was our theme?
Yep, we held it on February 29th.....LEAP DAY!
That's also why I'm leaping up into the air in my photo up there.
(stayed tuned for more on that leaping picture!  It's fantastic!)

As we planned for this event, I suddenly remembered that I used to have a frog collection.
One of my boys actually found the box stashed up on a high shelf in the garage.
Those frogs have been in that box for SEVEN YEARS.
I still LOVE LOVE LOVE them and will never part with them!
Trying to figure out how I can make them part of my home decor again.  lol.

ANYWAY, it worked out great to have them for our special evening.

(ohhhhh, here's a sneak peak at another leaping photo)  ;)

P.S.  Lil Luna also has free printables that match the above for Young Women binder covers

I have those pinned as well as many other wonderful church 'helps' 
on my CHURCH CHARMERS board on Pinterest.
Check it out!

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