Apr 11, 2012

Jumping in the Clouds!

I LOOOOOOOVE my calling in the Young Women's program!
I work with amazing women!
We love our amazing girls!
We get to create amazing projects like THIS!

My friend Sharilyn really knows her stuff with the camera!
(I keep begging her for lessons)

She took pictures of our girls jumping with whatever kind of backgrounds
off a little trampoline 
the church gym
someone's family room

Then she photoshopped a new background to make all the photos look like 
Wow, our newest little Beehive, Ashley is flexible!

I'm not gonna lie
I was super worried that the picture quality would be compromised when we blew them up to 8 x 10's

My first glimpse of the photos as I'm walking through Costco...

I was beyond THRILLED with the quality
with how Sharilyn had used a different cloud background with every single photo!

The pictures are SO FUN!!!

Well then we wanted to do something extra special with them
Here's Ann, a creative genius and our president extraordinnaire

We painted the edges of regular 8 x 10 canvas boards with 
acrylic craft paint

So that they'd look like this.
(hi, little finger in photo)

Then we trimmed just a tiny bit off the edges of the photos so that 
the brown edges would show in the front just a little bit

and DECOUPAGED them onto the canvas!

I even love the streaky effect the decoupage created.

Added a ribbon bow so the girls could hang them up and
An extra special gift for the girls at our 
Young Women In Excellency
New Beginnings program!

My family is so spread out everywhere now....
we will likely NEVER get another family photo of all of us together
*insert huge frowny face here*
But after seeing how adorable these turned out
I thought having each of our far-away children take jumping (or anything really) 
photos of themselves and their families
and we could STILL create a wall of updated family photos 
with matching backgrounds!
I'm so excited about the possibilities!

Here are links to more of how we created our New Beginnings and Young Women in Excellency program!

I would love to hear about some of the projects you've created for your Young Women's program!


  1. How cool! These did turn out awesome!

  2. That is so awesome! I love the different clouds in each photo... makes them extra personal! :)

    1. Thanks Amber! I truly was so excited for the way they turned out! Hey, I just realized you're my Instagram friend! SA-WEET!! :)

  3. Just found this post as I'm looking for ideas for our YWIE. What did you use for the cloud backgrounds? I love this idea!

    1. Hi Janee!

      My friend, Sharilyn took the pictures then changed the background....she used a program called Onone to 'photoshop' the clouds. In my opinion, that's the coolest part....the clouds! :)

      Good luck! Would love to see your finished pictures!


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