Feb 18, 2012

Temple Worthiness Card - Young Women's Handout

Years ago at stake conference, 
one of the stake presidency counselors stated that he wished teenagers could have temple recommends as a reminder to conduct themselves 
in a more worthy manner.  

That gave me the idea to make recommends for my children.  Well, they'd have to wait until they were adults to get a real one from the bishopric and stake presidency, but in the meantime, I wanted them to know what was required to be worthy to enter the Holy House of the Lord.

For Family Home Evening one week my husband had a personal interview with each of the kids,
then signed a Temple "Worthiness" card that I had made for them.  We kept them prominently displayed as a reminder to them to remain worthy.  

In our church I serve in the Young Women's organization, which means I help guide and teach the young ladies between the ages of 12 and 18.  This is a very busy job, but it's also one of the funnest and most rewarding!  I love hanging out with the girls and getting to know them!

One Sunday we were talking about temples and the girls being worthy to enter the temple someday.  I had remembered the Temple Worthiness cards that I had created for my own children years ago.  Here is the new and updated card in the form of a handout for each of the young ladies.  
I hope this inspires you in your own quest to follow the Lord's commandments and do what is necessary to someday return to his presence.

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