Feb 27, 2012

Two Week Meal Planning - Good Works #2 - Personal Progress

Every couple of months our Young Women's Presidency 
has a Personal Progress night.

The goal is to get the girl's focused on completing 
at least four of the Value Experiences 
in the following areas:

Each of us four in the presidency take about 10'ish minutes
 each to go over what is required for our particular Value
We try to pass off as much as possible with the girls right
 then (reading particular scriptures, etc.)

This month my assignment was:

"Service is an essential principle of family living"

  • Help plan  your family's menus
  • Obtain the food
  • Prepare part of the meals for two weeks
  • During that time help your family gather to share mealtimes
  • Report to your class what you have learned.

Here is a great TWO WEEK MEAL PLANNER that even
 includes easy meal ideas that you can print on the back.
  Each of the girls got a menu planner/meal ideas 
in addition to their other handouts.

I got off with a pretty easy assignment this time!  
Wouldn't you agree?

The other leaders are as big of handout freaks as I am, so I
 came up with an idea last year to help the girls keep track of
 the handouts/assignments that they are given each time.  
It's a pretty basic idea, 

We each design our handout to be 4"x5" so they can all be
 glued to ONE PAGE (thus easier to keep track of).  
These pages can then be kept in their 3-ring binders.
Tidy, tidy, OCD, tidy!

Okay, now I'm just showing off all my cute papers and buttons.  hehe

Here's what it actually looks like 
after each of our handouts are glued on

Look how great this one is by Sister G!  
She has little boxes to check off 
as you finish each requirement.

Sister J's folds up so that there's plenty of room for writing.

Sister C's rocks with several pages made into a little booklet 
bound by an adorable flower & brad! 
(sometimes I feel like a sultry hand-model)

Here's the ridiculous little number I made last time.
I needed a LOT of space to type all the reading material onto.

Value Experience #3

I needed it to be square, so it's actually 4"x4"
...... I KNOW.... I totally cheated!

  • Prepare to be worthy to enter the temple and to participate in temple ordinances
  • Read Alma Chapter 5
  • Make a list of the questions Alma asks
  • Answer the questions for yourself
  • Make a list of the things you can and will do to prepare yourself to be pure and worthy to enter the temple and receive all the blessings our Heavenly Father has promised His beloved daughters.

I printed my text on regular copy paper, 
cut down to two 8"x8" squares, 
then overlapped (and glued) one section of each.  
Can you see what I mean?

You can see the overlap a little better in this picture.

John W. Welch already typed all of the questions I needed.  
Thank you SO MUCH Brother Welch!!!

It took a LOT of my poor little brain power to figure out where-to-type-what to get it all to flow.  
If you decide you want to do this, 
email me and I'll email you the already typed up sheets! 
Save yourself the agony!
{I'm doing the happy dance right now, knowing that you can print this out as soon as you want it, and you don't have to wait for the veeeeeery sloooooow me to get around to emailing it to you!}
Thank you for your patience!!!

Then fold it back up into your little 4"x4" square, like this

What kinds of things do YOU do to help your LDS Young Women with their Personal Progress?  
I'd LOVE to know!

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