Jan 2, 2012

Paper Gingerbread Houses

I'm gonna start a new series of posts called "What I Made At Rachele's" 
because Rachele really knows how to party with paper 
and some of my most amazing projects were constructed at HER house.  

Thanks Rachele for rocking my paper world!

She's always on the hunt for fun things to make, and when she saw these paper houses, plus these amazing bits of inspiration on Pinterest, she scheduled us right up to come over and create!

Here she is, our lovely hostess and creative extraordinaire, Rachele.  
She's the Queen!
And she really knows how to treat her friends!!!

And yes, we really know how to make a mess!  

Here is Rachele's house completed.  See the pretty little snow on the eaves?

Here's Paula (or Poola, as we like to call her) who is a regular at Rachele's and a dear friend.

And here is Poola's completed large house (there were 3 total for each of us).

Poola's doormat & berry bush are nice touches!
Plus she added a door too!

Here's the lovely Dianna with her large completed house.  
She is sort of a newbie to our group, but very much a regular already.
She fits right in with the rest of us crazies!

I have no recollection as to who's house this is, as it was 3 am when 
I was taking these photos and finally getting ready to leave the party. 

(BTW, Poola and Diana had already passed out on the sofas....where was I with my camera for THAT?)

Sorry for this next cruddy photo, but the set of houses were so cute together.  
Rachele took this photo and I got it from her off My Pinterest.
I guess pics don't recycle all that well once they've been posted there.
But anyway, these 3 adorable houses were made by Mikensee (Rachele's daughter).  
She is the ONLY one of us who completed ALL THREE houses, 
and she did them all in LESS time than Rachele and I did our ONE.  
Guess how old she is?  
Can't imagine where she gets all that talent!?!?
(oh, and mystery solved....I guess it was Mikensee who made the little yellow house...lol)

Mikensee's large house

Mikensee's medium house.

Only one more house to show off.....


It's not quite finished, but isn't it cute?

These were so much fun to make!
I still have my two other houses to make too!
With any luck I'll get them finished before next Christmas.  :)

I love you more, Rachele!

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  1. Just love our houses, love our friendship, love the memory of making our houses!


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