Jan 2, 2012

A Kid Farm Christmas

We believe.....

2011 brought us a pretty amazing Christmas!

We celebrated all through December in many ways, 
but one of the biggest highlights was one crazy night when we just so happened to have this....

And accidentally turned it into this......

 Yeah.....pretty cool.
Since we just so happened to have the trailer and hay 
we thought we'd take our own grandkids for a little joyride.
Then we thought, WHAT THE HAY, let's sing carols too.
And Oh, why don't we invite the carolee's to join us.
We ended up with 28 people on the trailer, 
including the Dunn's and the Holly's, plus some neighbor kids whom we didn't even know.

I cannot even describe the overwhelming Christmas Spirit we felt 
as we rode all through the neighborhood, singing (and kidnapping). 
 I can truly say it was Joy!

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a Gingerbread House Train!
Three of the kids (and one of the grandkids) got to make their own at one point or another.  
They all turned out so cute!  
This little cutie train actually won a prize at school.  
Good job, Regan (10) and Shelby (20)!

And what's Christmas without a child or two performing in choirs & bands?
My kid is the tall one....Grady (16)....he performed in the choir AND the band.
(He plays tenor sax)

Little Maddie (9) had her first Christmas performance with the band this year, 
but, um, well, I didn't get a good picture.  I know!  I feel terrible about it!  
She was on the front row and looked adorable!  
(She plays the clarinet)

Some surprises for Cowboy, which I'll let you in on later.

The stockings WERE hung by the chimney with care, 
but then they were too full and could have pulled down the mantle.

Yes, I label the stockings.
This is a Kid Farm, and there are a lot of people to keep track of.
I have notes to myself everywhere!

I've wanted one of these gorgeous nativities from Costco for YEARS.  
I got this one at a garage sale this past summer for $5.  
Wait, maybe it was $10.  
I'd hate to lie about a Nativity Scene, 
but seriously, either way it made my day!

Ahhhh, look at those adorable children fast asleep in their beds, waiting for Christmas morning......
(it has always been a tradition that they sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve)

*lovely music comes to a SCREECHING halt*

Just kidding....

...the kids had already been awake for hours because we went to church FIRST.
I'm embarrassed to admit that I actually thought it was a pain to have to put off "Christmas Morning' 
in order to go to church first, but you know what?  
It was AWESOME!  
I vote that Christmas be on a Sunday forevermore!  
I never felt so connected to everyone in the service 
and so appreciate of the Savior.  
What a beautiful way to start the day!

Now where was I?

Oh yeah,
*music back on*

The kids got back into their jammies (which they opened on Christmas Eve), 
got back in bed and pretended to be asleep for all of 15 seconds.  
Just long enough to get this photo.

Man, our Christmas morning numbers are shrinking!
But they're still so cute!

Where's Waldo?

The girls enjoying their gifts

The boys too.  (don't put your eye out with that)

Later that same day, the rest of the family showed up... 
Our oldest grandchild, Abigail.  Isn't she beautiful?!

Abigail's beautiful mommy, Brooke and our grandson, Layton.

Kyle, Tara and Makenna are visiting from Texas!

(just forget that you ever saw this office such a bomb and me looking so chubby and tired!)
Can you even imagine why we're all huddled around the computer???

We're Skype'ing our son John who is in Peru on his mission!
(that's his Peruvian companion sitting behind him, who speaks no English & must be bored out of his mind)

....and Skype'ing our kids in Portland, Tyler and Whitney 
with two more of our beautiful grandsons, Cashen and Tate! (Cashen is hiding somewhere)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SKYPE IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We also got a surprise phone call from our daughter, Devin, who is in the MTC in Guatemala!!!

Trace was in Texas visiting his grandparents, but he got to call home on Christmas!
He was home a few days later to open his gifts.  :)

Soooo, we got to hug, hold, kiss, see and/or talk to every one of our ten children!!!

Ohmygosh!  What a fantastic Christmas!!!

I pray your holidays were joyous too!!!

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  1. Looks like such a fun time. Your tree is beautiful. I agree with you about Christmas on Sunday. How funny that many people only go to church on Christmas, but we Lds people complain when we have to. Loved the program, it was so perfect huh? if the hayride tradition sticks & your not full, come pick us up! what an awesome way to enjoy the spirit of Christmas.


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