Jan 9, 2012

FIRE AND DIRT! An AZ New Year's Eve

                          It's an annual tradition that Cowboy joins his lifelong friends 
                                     to spend New Year's Eve out in the desert 
                          visiting, playing, grilling, eating, four-wheeling, and shooting.  

                                    A tradition that my kids and I have gladly adopted!

The kids run and roam freely

The moms and nannas play with the babies and visit

Have you ever seen such a big skillet???

The men grill

and grill

and GRILL!

Mmmmmm, the food sure is good!
Nothin' better than a Hebrew National dog roasted over mesquite!

My granddaughter Laney was tired,
so I snuggled two camp chairs together to make her a "Rest Nest"

Papa (Cowboy) took every kid on a ride around the 'mountain' at least once.

I don't know who these boys are, but they sure were enjoying our 4-wheelers!

 My daughter Maddie (in the red striped jacket below) decided to build her own fire nearby.  
It didn't take long for the other kids to show up and play near her fire.  
Hmmmm, there are mostly boys here.  
Maybe she's on to something?
Fire Dancers!
Uh, oh, someone forgot to tell this guy to not dance IN the fire!
He blistered up his ankle pretty good after catching his pants & sock on fire.
I think he's okay now.

Oh yeah, shooting...........there was plenty of that too!

Trace giving Laney a piggy back

Bella LOVES the desert too!

Happy New Year!

Our son Kyle with his babygirl Makenna.  They are visiting from Texas.
(Kyle already looks like a Texan!)

Ohhhh, one of my favorite parts, roasting marshmallows for smores!
See the chocolate & graham crackers next to the fire?  Yummmmmy!

Laney enjoying s'mores with her Nana.  :)

Our little friend Connor just so happened to be celebrating his 8th birthday.
We had joined his family earlier in the day for his wonderful baptism.
Can you believe this amazing barrel cactus cake that his mom & grammy made?  

I think those cactus needles are made of chinese noodles!  Clever!!

A big part of the annual tradition is that at the end of the night,
we throw (dry and flammable) Christmas trees onto the fire.
The flames are HUGE and VERY HOT!
Just one more reason I like to use a fake Christmas tree!  ;)
(which is why we have to drive around the neighborhood
and look for trees other ppl have put on the curb.  lol)

We pray your family also enjoyed a fun and safe Eve 
and that you are blessed with a prosperous and 

What are YOUR New Years Eve traditions?

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  1. Cindy, I am just going to stalk your family and copy all your traditions!!! LOL First we have to move to AZ. We are in TN right now. Seriously, I love that your family has some cool traditions! I'm hating that two of my kids are grown,& two are almost grown! At least I have a chance to really instill some new awesome traditions with the two babies I still have :) I love, no really, LOVE that cake! OHMYGOODNESS! Have your friend post a tutorial on Pinterest! Stat! I'll be pinning the picture if that's ok?
    Love ya girl! Have a very Happy New year :) <3


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