Jan 13, 2012

Cowboy's 12 Months of Christmas

Remember back here when I mentioned I'd let you in on what I got Cowboy for Christmas?

He is SOOOOOO difficult to get gifts for because:

#1 - He doesn't want anyone to spend money on him.
#2 - He doesn't like 'stuff'.
#3 - He pretty much just wants to eat.....
#4 - ....and go places.

Well first off, I was inspired by this
which was posted by Shannon Brown's blog, Life In General.
I knew I had to do this the minute I saw it!

So I had two challenges:
How to make it 'cute'
and what to put in the envelopes.

With some great ink colors and 12 large plain white envelopes I was all set to take on the first challenge.

THAT was the easy part!

I'd been thinking and thinking and watching for ideas and picking up gift cards here and there, etc.

And here's what I came up with:
(I will update these as he opens them each month, just in case he reads my blog (lol)
I can't give away his surprises and ruin the rest of the year for him!)

Two tickets to the Herberger Theater in downtown Phoenix for the musical Daddy Long Legs 
plus a gift certificate to Abuelos Mexican Restaurant.  
Daddy Long Legs was seriously one of the most delightful productions I've ever seen!  
If you get a chance, SEE IT!  

And Abuelo's?  Well, just look at the photos!  HOLY SMOKES!
Daddy Long Legs musical

This is not trick photography!  That enchilada platter could hold a 20 lb turkey on Thanksgiving!  See the little plate next to it?  That is a regular-sized dinner plate!  
So, yeah, we like Abuelo's!
P.S. I did NOT eat all that!  Just so ya know.

Links forthcoming below for the updates on Cowboy's YEAR OF DATES with moi!

FEBRUARY: Gift certificate to The Outback Steakhouse and tkts to see 39 Steps at the Herberger
MARCH:  Gift certificate to the Olive Garden and tkts  to see The Great Gatsby at the Herberger

Now that I'm onto this great idea from Shannon, I will get a much better head start this year on what to surprise him with for his 12 Months of Christmas next year!

Looks like we might have another new tradition!  

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