Apr 7, 2012

February - 12 Months of Christmas

This is all about Cowboy's Christmas gift that will keep on giving for the rest of the year!

The original post is HERE....

I thought it might be easier to just post these month by month, 
so that I can share any fun pictures I might have.  

In February, the gift he opened was:

A Gift certificate to The Outback Steakhouse


2 tickets to the Herberger Theater to see 39 Steps
(very funny...we also saw it in Cedar City last summer @ the Shakespearean Festival)

I tend to fall asleep ANYWHERE I sit down at night,
especially a dark theater...
so we opted this time to see the matinee
(I didn't even know they had a matinee!)

I fell asleep anyway!  Gah!!!
The day we went to see the play we actually stopped for lunch at a GREAT place in downtown Phoenix called Corner Bakery Cafe.  VERY good!



Other months listed here:

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