Dec 4, 2011

With Thankful Hearts

Our Thanksgiving was, well, I don't even know the right word. 
It was peaceful. 
It was lovely. 
It was homey. 
The food was more delicious. 
It was full of gratitude. 
It was one of the best I ever remember. 
If I had to sum it all into ONE word I guess it would have to be Magical. 

All that was missing were our four far-from-home kids. *insert real tears here*

Our missionary in Peru, John, practically forgot it was Thanksgiving due to being so 'lost' in his work for the Lord.....he says he had rice and beans.....again, but that he'll make up for it next year when he's (barely) home again.  :)

I'm pretty sure our daughter Devin, who is still in the Missionary Training Center in Utah (for just another week and a half) got fed some turkey.

We also very much miss the other two (and their families) who live out of state and couldn't be with us.  We pray that they had a wonderful dinner and day as well.  We often think of ALL of our kids, but something about the holidays makes me miss them more and think of them even more often and fondly as I recall past holidays and the special and fun times that we've shared.  

Holidays are family time.

I can't help but wonder if the extra special Thanksgiving was due to having two missionaries out right now. If so, much thanks to them for making our Thanksgiving extra special!

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving too!

Every Thanksgiving morning starts with the men and boys playing football.  
They come home muddy, hungry and happy!

After football they all head over to Gables' property to 
unbury the treasures they hid deep into the ground the night before.  
What could it be?

Suspenseful, isn't it?

Ohhh, it's smokey.

There are several, and I do mean SEVERAL turkey, beef and pork roasts that have been cooking all night, wrapped in butcher paper and foil.
(Cowboy and the boys do this every year and this is actually the first time I've seen it.  
It's about time I sent a camera off with one of the kids!)


Meanwhile, back at the ranch.............

OTHER meal preparations are taking place.
We only use the china once a year.  I know.  But dishes are such a pain.

Setting the table the night before sure saved a lot of stress.

A special placard for each guest.  

Besides our family members, Kendra and Larry Gable also joined us for dinner, 
since their own family wasn't having their big shindig til the next day.
(the leaf in each placard pocket has a purpose, which you'll soon see)

A handmade gift from a friend many years ago.  
Some things are special forever.

The kids' table.
Good news and bad news: this year we all fit in the formal dining room.

I do love how we all fit it there together.  
And yes, the side patio door was open.  
The house was too hot.  
*I love Arizona*

Blessed Are The Turkeys.
Give Thanks.

Back to that 23 lb roast that the men brought home from the pit......

Soooo incredibly tender and delicious.  
My family has been begging me for two years to let us have beef for Thanksgiving dinner.  
So here's proof that I love my family so much that I'd give up a big turkey, just for them.  
(don't tell them that the beef was so good that I didn't miss the big turkey ONE. SINGLE. BIT)
sidenote: We did cook a little bitty turkey in the crockpot.  
It was the best turkey meat any of us had ever had.  
Stupid crockpot!   lol

Our oldest child, Chris, and his incredibly lovely family.

Yeah, we can't stop picking at it while we get everything else ready.  ;)

That's cranberry snow in the middle.  Have you ever had cranberry snow?  
It's QUITE nice!

Happy Children = Happy Thanksgiving

....and Great Food = Happy Adults

Big thanks to our 16 yo son Grady, who this year, isn't in any photos 
because he has discovered his love of photography.  
And for the first time I'm pictured at the table (back there on the right).

Apple, chocolate cream, buttermilk, peppermint cookies, pumpkin, peach and pumpkin roll.
 At this point, nobody wants pie.




And this is what those leaves in the placard pockets were for.  
Everyone wrote things on the leaves they are thankful for to put up on our Thankful Tree.  

We are blessed.


  1. Seriously?! No One else has commented yet!???? Ok sweetie, you have just made me want to do Thanksgiving ALL OVER AGAIN!!!! lol No really, I want to do it over and have it as wonderful as yours! I baked for 3 days prior (long story of a broken oven, and a useful roaster oven), so I was really just too dog tired to fully enjoy it! We, too, have a missionary out, and worried if he would be able to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner....he had THREE dinner appointments! He was more stuffed than the turkey! Haha! I enjoy your blog, keep it up! BTW can you post a short overview on how the "Cowboy" does the in ground roast? That is AWESOME!
    To see my pitiful Thanksgiving post go here:

  2. What a beautiful home, table, family. LOVE your place card holders & the Thankful Tree. You are so creative. Again & again I am in awe!


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