Aug 11, 2014

Sea Side Reservations, Fish Tacos and Friends

It's that time of year again, when my two Utah BFF's, Janeal and Shelly come to town
 and we head down to Rocky Point for a few days.  

We have become creatures of routine.
First stop is always Combo Taco.
Just the thought of those tacos makes my husband drive faster to get there.
You seriously have not enjoyed Rocky Point to the fullest until you've eaten here.
(day 1 of tacos)

We ate there two days in a row.
(almost three)
The portions are generous, the price is cheap and 
the tacos are the best we've ever had anywhere on this earth.
I always order the yellow pepper.
It's HOT!

(day 2 of tacos)
There is a big red canopy overhead, so it makes for some funky lighting.

Next, we head for the resort.

This trip we stayed at the Sonoran Sun
courtesy of Sea Side Reservations.

The entire resort, inside and out, is gorgeous! 
These Old Mexico paintings in the lobby are spectacular!
This painting depicts a fiesta in the courtyard of the resort.
That really is what the courtyard looks like...

A view of the ocean right from the parking lot!

Our unit had two spacious bedrooms and two full bathrooms.

The origami towels were so cute!
I just love that touch of extra special.

We had a roomy fully equipped kitchen.

You've never seen so much camera snapping as with us three girls.
We all agreed that the views from the Sonoran Sun balconies are as good or better 
as anyplace located on Sandy Beach.
That's Old Port way back there behind Shelly's head. 

Oh, I just have so much fun with these girls.
Getting pedi's is another thing we always do together.
(can you tell which feet are mine?)
This was right outside our favorite bakery.

Mango Man!
Other than my husband, this is my favorite guy on the beach!
He parks his cart in the sand right out in front of the Sonoran Sun.
He can turn a juicy mango into a piece of art, 
complete with fresh lime juice and pico limon (fruit chile powder). good!
At least we eat something healthy down there.

Oh yes, beach all day!
We stake out a palapa for sun and shade. 
The beach has wonderful sand and the ocean is so fun to swim in!
We can wade around out there in the water for ages and stay comfortable.
Love it!

Tan and beautiful!
Enjoying another sunset dinner at Flavio's in Old Port.
You can see the high rises on Sandy Beach in the far background, including the Sonoran Sun.

Oh wow, something new.
I discovered that I actually do like clams on the shell.  Mmmm, so good.
Thanks, Flavios!  They surprised us with this special comp'd treat.
(it's not the first time...although the time they comp'd us with octupus, 
I wasn't the least bit interested)

Here we are, shopping on Shacks Fifth Avenue (the locals refer to it as Rodeo Drive), 
which is an area with lots of  lovely gift shops
where you can buy the finest silver, large pottery, Mexican vanilla, and everything in between.

Another MUST place where we always eat is El Pollo Lucas.
They serve the most incredible refried beans I've ever had.  
In fact, I don't even eat the beans anywhere else 90% of the time.

Inside El Pollo Lucas.  
Finally a photo with my husband in it.
The food is fast and extremely delicious.  
You can order either chicken or chicken.

Another trip to La Tapatia panaderia.
I can't even tell you how to get to this bakery.
Here's how you get to this bakery.
We are obsessed with it!
My favorite pastry on earth is made in this bakery.
(I have several 'favorites' in Rocky Point)

Showing off our bags of goodies.
I should change my blog name to

My husband was so good to take all these pictures of us.
Thanks, honey!

Here's what I have to say about Sea Side Reservations 
(a reservation service for several different resorts and beach homes) 
and The Sonoran Sun (the actual resort where we stayed):

The folks at Sea Side Reservations were wonderful to work with!
My husband has rented via Sea Side in the past for a beach home, 
and was very pleased with them then, as well.

The personnel at the Sonoran Sun resort were extremely nice and very accommodating.
We supposedly had wifi in our room, but we couldn't get it to work properly.
We called the main desk and they REPLACED the router.  Thereafter the wifi was great!
  How's that for service?!!  Thank you!
This resort does not offer poolside towels, and we did not come prepared with our own.
Just mentioning this so if you stay there, be sure to pack beach towels.
Other than that, everything was perfect and we really enjoyed our stay!


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