Aug 16, 2014

50 Interesting Things In My 50 Years


I'm not sure how I feel about turning 50.
I hate that I'm 50 years old now,
but making a list of cool things I've gotten to do over the past 50 years 
definitely makes it a little easier, 
not to mention that I'm on my grandest adventure yet 
at this very moment (I'm about to see some pretty amazing stuff!).
I've been extremely lucky to have a little adventure over the years, 
along with the triumphs, heartache, surprises, day-to-day routines, 
and best of all, great love.

Someone whom I highly esteem once told me that my life was so interesting 
that I should write a book and it would be a best seller.  
At the time I was only 20 years old.  
Add 30 more years of adventure 
(and crazy) 
on top of that, and it's been quite a ride.

My husband calls Fifty the new 'f' word.  haha.  Now I will too.

I've been working on this list for weeks.
I'm sure there will be things I'll think of later that I'll wish I had added, 
but as of today, here are the most interesting things I can think of that I've done/seen/accomplished over the past 50 years.

50 Interesting {to me} Things I've Seen/Done
In The Last 50 Years
(not in order of most interesting)

1.  Gave birth to five beautiful kids.

2.  Met my husband online.  I call him my mail-order husband.  He has five beautiful kids too.

     4.  Zip lined on the Big Island, HA and in Ensenada, MX
     5.  Been on an Alaskan cruise (as of yesterday)
     6.  Flown closely over an active volcano
     7.  Helicoptered over Molokai and Maui, HA, saw the steepest coastal cliffs in the world.
     8.  Snorkeled many times in Hawaii
     9.  Kayaked to Captain Cook’s Monument
    10.  Climbed to the top of Mt Timpanogas (signed the book)
    11.  Scuba dived in the drifts in Cozumel
    12.  Snorkeled with sea lions in Mexico
    13.  Seen the Napali Coast in Kauai
    14.  Water skied Lake Powell
    15.  Snow skied CO and UT
    16.  Rappelled down a few cliffs
    17.  Drove coast to coast in a borrowed VW bug
    18.  Rode on an elephant
    19.  Boated with dolphins
    20.  Floated the Salt River (several times)
    21.  Eaten alligator

Other Travel 
    22.  Times Square in NYC
    23.  Disneyworld
    24.  Niagra Falls
    25.  Toured many church history sites in the east, including Nauvoo, The Sacred Grove, the Whitney store, Hill Cumorah, etc.

    26.  Modeled swimsuits on the strip in Las Vegas 

    27.  Was the ring girl for boxing matches in Las Vegas (my sister saw me on ESPN 2,500 miles away)
    28.  One night I had my own personal body guard
    29.  Won Miss Congeniality in a beauty contest
    30.  Attended an International Winter Olympics event

    31.  Met Gordon B. Hinckley in a private meeting with my family
    32.  Kissed David Hasselhoff
    33.  Met Alec Baldwin (he even gave my baby a banana)
    34.  Michael Ballam sang Happy Birthday to me on my 40th birthday
    35.  Was life-flighted on my honeymoon from Mazatlan to SLC in a private Lear jet.
    36.  Been proposed to at least 7 times
    37.  Pretended to be blind for a whole day.  In public.
    38.  Almost caught the whole neighborhood on fire (don’t play with matches!)

    39.  Been to MX about 50 times. 
    40.  Been to NASCAR in a cpl diff cities
    41.  Stung by a scorpion
    42.  Got comp’d great seats to Donna Summer in Las Vegas.
    43.  Comp’d the biggest hotel suite you've ever seen that had 2-story electric curtains opening up to the Vegas strip.
    44.  Been married 3 times, twice to the same man.
    45.  Lived in foster homes in high school (it was a really good thing, my parents were wayward, not me)
    46.  Sat front and center at Cirque du Soleil
    47.  Seen horse races at Del Mar
    48.  Been top salesperson for every sales job I've ever had.
    49.  I win a lot of great door prizes. Maybe I should be buying lottery tickets?? I've NEVER bought one....YET! (since writing that, a friend gave me a lottery ticket.  I didn’t win.  haha)
    50.  Horseback riding on the beach

I guess I should also mention that I'm the youngest of seven children.
NEVER have I seen all six of my siblings at the same time, and never will
(a couple of them have already passed away).

A few of my kids have already reviewed this list
and believe me, THEY HAD QUESTIONS!
I had some 'splainin to do.

     I've come up with a Bucket List too.  
Wanted to put 50 things on it, but honestly, 
it's hard to come up with 50.  Wow.  
That's surprising.  I'll keep working on it.  :)



  1. Cindy, I have been your sister those whole 50 years! I can guarantee your list is true! You were friendly at 2 years old! I took you everywhere with me when you were a baby! You slept with me and when you fell and got a boo boo, I was the one you came for! You have been like my own child! I walked you to daycare on my way to school! Harry jr and I spent all our time with you making sure you were safe. You were a happy child and no fear. Everyone loved you then even!!
    You were part of my wedding and spent time with Kim and I when you were a teenager! We had a lot of fun sharing our lives with you!
    So proud of how well you raised your children!
    And when Tom came into your life, we finally felt at peace that he loved you and your children were in good hands!!
    We have enjoyed getting to know Tom as well!! What a great brother-in-law!!
    Have a fun adventure as you begin the 50's!
    I love you Cindy!!

    1. Connie, I've read your comment I-don't-know-how-many times and it makes me cry every time! I love you like crazy! Thanks for watching out for me my entire life. I've always trusted you and Kim (who's been there for 42 of my 50 years) to have my back and you've only disappointed me once. LOL. That was in jr high when you left me crying on the curb in Vegas cuz I wanted to go back to (I think) Cheyenne and you couldn't take me. ;)

      Much love, forever and always.


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