Jan 18, 2014

Bottle Cap Necklaces - Come Unto Christ

Come Unto Christ is the 2014 Young Women's Theme 
for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I haven't been in Young Women's for almost a year, however, I seem to be asked to sub in Relief Society a lot lately, and this theme went along perfectly with my Relief Society lesson on the Savior this month.  

I made this exact same kind of necklace a couple of years ago for girls camp when we had the owl theme.  The girls loved the necklaces and they are so fun to make!

I posted a picture on Instagram and Facebook recently that I had been making jewelry.
Since then I've gotten lots of questions on how I made these, where I got all the supplies, etc.
So here we are.

As far as supplies go, it kind of depends on how many you plan to make 
as to where you should buy them.
If you're just making a few, buy in small quantities at the craft store.  
I saw these exact same bottle caps at Hobby Lobby in a 6-pack for about $4.99.
If you're making lots of them, then for sure buy online in bulk.

The basic must-haves:
Bottle caps (with the flat 1" surface in the center)
Get them with the hole already punched in them and the split rings already attached!!!
Epoxy dome stickers (mine came with my bottle caps)
Aluminum 18" (or longer!) ball chain necklaces
1" Round printable printed on regular paper
Modge Podge
Small paint brush

The fun extras:
Jewelry pins to string beads on
Special little jewelry ziplock bags to put them in

I got my bottle caps, dome stickers, ball chains and bags on eBay for cheap in bulks of 100!
My Come Unto Christ PRINTABLES I got on Etsy.  
I searched and searched printables.  This is my absolute favorite!
You can literally find any printable on Etsy.
The rest I got at Hobby Lobby.
I just used beads I had leftover from previous projects.
It's always nice to use up some of your stash!

First, print out your printable and cut out with your 1" punch.
Have everything laid out and ready to go before you start gluing.
Modge Podge dries fast!

'Paint' just the flat surface with Modge Podge.

'Paint' another coat of Modge Podge over the paper.  
Try to keep it as smooth as possible, but a few 'lines' are no problem.

This picture is a perfect illustration of how the Modge Podge shows up white.
No worries, it will dry completely clear.

I soooo love how beautiful this whole set of printables is!
I only printed out 2 sheets of paper and got ALL THIS!
The whole varied set was only $3 and I can 
print as many as I want forever and ever!
The designer is Green Jello Salad.
Go check 'em out, they have tons of great printables!

After they're good and dry, add one of these epoxy stickers right on top, pressing very firmly all around the center and edges.

Here you can see the before and after look of it.
Only the shiny one in the middle has the sticker on it so far.
Don't cha just love how it smooths out the look and makes it look all glassy and shiny?!

Add a ball chain and you've just made yourself a beautiful necklace!

Unless, you're like me and you want to make it 
E.V.E.N.    P.R.E.T.T.I.E.R!

Here's where those little jewelry thingys come into play.
Just string whatever beads on there you want.

This is where you get out a couple pairs of needle nose pliers, or some special jewelry making tools, because there is no other way.  Believe me.  It was difficult enough with the pliers.
The metal is very soft and easily movable, but you've got to wrap things just right.

Can you see how I looped it around so that there is a full loop big enough to string onto the necklace chain at the top of the beads?
Make sure you cut off your excess and wrap the end tightly, so their won't be any scratchy poky ends sticking out.

Uhhh, I just now noticed that loose bead sitting next to the necklace.
Ignore her.  She's just a bead on the loose.
Maybe she just wanted to get closer to the Savior.

I let Maddie choose one for herself, and this is what she chose.
Perfect for an 11 year old girl!

This is the picture I posted on Facebook and Instagram that put this blog post into action.  lol

Happy Jewelry Making!
And may we ALL Come Unto Christ!


  1. Hey Cindy! This is an awesome idea. I am "Pinning"! And where oh where are the pics of your Polar Express party? Just sayin'.

    Love, Michelle

  2. blurgh. I want to do this ..I have a lesson Im teaching in YW on Sunday! So you got most everything at Hobby Lobby? Even the bottle caps already punched with a loop in it? oh man. I think we have 8-10 yw now..2 new girls moved in so that's cool! I really want to make these for everyone, I just dont know if I can pull it off by Sunday. Gonna try though


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