Jul 8, 2013

Summer Lovin' at Sweet Salvage!


Just when I thought Sweet Salvage's customer service couldn't get any better...
they amped it up with complimentary water bottles and sun umbrellas for all us crazies standing in line in the hot hot sun (yes, it's even blazing hot in Phoenix in the morning).

Always so much yummy vintage goodness to ooh and aah over!
I wish I could just start over decorating my whole house with all this awesomeness!

Maddie and {my sister's granddaughter} Ashlie found cool old things to play with.  
Maddie even found a couple of adorable shirts for school.
And look who met us there!
All you old Linkup crowd should be very very jealous!
It's Alicia visiting from New Mexico!!!
She fell in love with Sweet Salvage too!
My sister Debbie was wandering around there somewhere...I think she was testing out the comfy chairs and talking people into buying them.  haha

Here are the sweet goodies that found their way home with me (not the chair).  
Apparently I'm obsessed with wooden boxes!
This is the third one I've bought at a vintage market since last fall.

I missed a couple of months of this event (BOO!)
but we did happen to make it in May too.
My fun junkin' friends, {the other}Cindy, Kathy and Tracie!
See there, another wooden box in my hands.
And I'm not the only one!!
I don't know why, but I was pretty pumped that I was assigned the A1 lanyard!  

Such loveliness!

The shoppers even dress alike!  ;)

I love you, Sweet Salvage!!!

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