Jul 4, 2013

Kiss My Fanny Pack, Midas!

Have you heard that radio commercial from Midas?

"Never wear a fanny pack...no really..don’t ever wear a fanny pack!"


It's not like I wear one on a regular basis, but if you ever see me on vacation in an amusement park, you can bet your life I'll be wearin' my trusty {and very old} fanny pack.

I LOOOOOVE this thing!

Just look at all the stuff I can cram into this one little 'bag'!
I don't have to haul around a purse or a backpack.
I have everything I need conveniently accessible.
My camera and cell phone are safely snuggled in there when we're on the water rides, and I'm confident that they'll still be working property afterwards.

If anyone ever took a picture of me while in the park 
{seriously guys, you didn't get ONE single picture of me
 wearing my fanny pack for proof}...
But I swear it's true!

I was looking out for other fanny packers on our recent vacation to Disneyworld.
Dude.  I am so not alone on this.
There were GROUPS wearing cute matching fanny packs.
And I'm not talking old scary ladies, either.
These were the 'cool kids'.

So Midas, you can kiss our fanny packs all the way to Phrygia!

Alright, now you have to go check out these other fanny pack wearers.
Maybe THIS is why Midas said never wear one.

{and suddenly I'm glad the kids didn't get a picture of me in my fanny pack}


  1. Hi Cindy! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. :) Nice to meet another fellow Sweet Salvage addict!!! LOL!! Hope your summer has been good so far! Take care and I'll see ya around blogland!
    PS... I too have been known to wear a fanny pack on occasion. Especially while camping!!!

    1. Karen, you totally know where's it at then, girl! lol
      I'll bet you look darling in a fanny pack!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! You made my day! :)




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