Mar 30, 2012

Pennsylvania, Part 3, Kim's Surprise!

(broke this trip down into 3 separate posts because I couldn't get it to post in one.  no idea why.)...


You gotta know how cool my brother-in-law, Kim is.  
He married my sister when I was only 8 years old, 
so he's been in my life for almost 40 years.  
He's the best 'brother' I've ever had!
(sorry to my own 3 biological brothers, but they know it's true)
If I ever needed anyone to kick someone's butt for me.....just sayin.
He spent 23 years in the military
He's a retired cop
He's a tough guy!
But he's all mushy & sweet on the inside!
Awesome laugh!  Laughs. A. LOT.
Way fun to be around.
That's why 130 PEOPLE SHOWED UP 
to his surprise party at the Town Fire Hall!


(he didn't figure it out til like 15 seconds before....when he saw all his family/friends cars in the parking lot)

You canNOT imagine the bold faced lies stories we all told him to keep him in the dark this long!

Cowboy and I told him we had a National Cotton Council Meeting in Philadelphia the next week
and that we came a few days early just to hang with their family.

Cotton.  In Pennsylvania?  Mmmm hmmmm.

Ohhhhh, and what a COINCIDENCE that we just so happen to be there for his birthday!
Bwahahaha!  Right.

His daughter Jenny went all out with the photo collages everywhere...I mean EVERYWHERE!
Even hanging from the ceiling!
It was so cool to see all these old photos of Kim and his family!
(there was even one of me in there somewhere when I was only 14...
the tallest gangliest scrawniest 14 yo girl you ever saw!)

P.S.  Kim is kinda short!
That's Jenny on the bottom right.......what a party planner!  
(Connie gets credit for all this too!!!)

We thought we'd honor the Mustache-Man with some hair of our own.
Only 2 of these mustaches are real....can you tell which two?

Here's what Cowboy and I got for Kim....haha!
He loved it!
It kinda worked out cuz I'm all into mustaches lately.
Isn't everyone?

I seriously have never seen so many greeting and gift cards. IN. MY. LIFE! 
He'll be eating out for free for the rest of the year!

Ohhhh, my sexy Rico Suave'!
Don't you think a hairy face makes Cowboy look so debonair
and makes me look thinner!
I'm considering giving up electrolysis!

Ahhhh, so extrememly glad that we made it for the party!
My extended family is not all that tight-knit,
you know,
we don't have family reunions
or even see each other all that often,
so this was really special to me to make it to the party 
and to be with my sister and her wonderful family and friends!

We've already made them promise that they have to come to Arizona in a year
because we had such a great time with them!


Here's where you can see the rest of our Pennsylvania trip:

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