Feb 14, 2012

Kids' Handmade Valentine's

(free printables from Shindig Parties To Go)

A fun and easy Valentine's project that the kids enjoyed working on for their classmates
{which we didn't get around to making until the day before...as usual!  lol}

Materials used:
Set of free printables from Shindig Parties To Go
3/4" hole punch
Approx 2 bags of Hershey's Hugs and Kisses {per class...depending on size}
Plastic treat bags
stapler and hot glue gun

The hardest and most time-consuming part was punching out all of the little circles.  
If we ever do a project like this again, I am seriously getting a different punch!
And notice that Kid #9 incognito-kid is hiding behind his ball cap.  That's on purpose!
He doesn't want it evidenced that he's using a punch to make pink and red circles. 
He's too cool for that!

Counting kisses

Trimming everything
{this is the only part I did completely...the kids pretty much did everything else}

Hot gluing the circles to the bottoms of the Hugs and Kisses
{tragic side note: Kid #9 incognito-kid ended up with quite a blister from this very hot glue....
I recommend kids using a cooler glue}

We used 7 kisses per bag, then wrapped and stapled the topper to the bag

Miss Maddie wanted to cover a shoe box in paper, which she did

then she wanted me to make something on top to decorate it, which I did

I made a few rolled paper flowers, which are SUPER fast and easy.
Added a couple of leaves
a few buttons
 inked all the edges 
and added glitter glue to the edge of EVERYTHING
{glitter glue and I are BFF's!}

You can see her Valentine's peaking out through the slit on top

I loved how everything turned out!

Of course, Kid#9 incognito kid took his to school in a plastic grocery sack!  lol

Happy Valentine's Day to YOU!!


  1. Those are darling. Love the box too. Next time buy a low temp gun. :). - Bridgette

    1. For reals! I actually have one......my daughter left this one behind when she went back to college. I love how fast it heats up, etc. It's so easy to use! Bad idea to let the young'uns use it though! I feel terrible about his blister!!!


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