Feb 12, 2012

Hearts from our hearts

There is a precious lady who belongs to our church whom I will just refer to as Sister W.

She is always very sweet, caring and concerned for others.

Just over a year ago we enjoyed desserts at her incredibly beautiful home 
during our Relief Society's (ladies church organization) Progressive Dinner.

Just a few months ago she was full of life, teaching a primary class at church, 
and chatting with friends in between meetings. 

I don't understand all of the details, but a few months ago 
she had some kind of brain surgery 
and has never really recovered.
She spent her holidays in a hospital bed, unable to even communicate.

She's still there.

As a leader in our Young Women's organization 
I have the awesome opportunity to work closely 
with our young ladies (ages 12-18) on a regular basis.

We have weekly activities, in addition to our Sunday lessons.

Recently at one of our mid-week activities, 
each of our wonderful young ladies made a Valentine's for Sister W.
(all made with goodies from my personal stash)

Wow, it amazed me at how creative these girls are and how lovingly they made these sweet Valentine's!

These Valentine's are now beautifully hanging across the walls of her hospital room.

I love these girls for sharing their lovely talents,

and I love and miss Sister W. terribly!
We hope to see her well again soon!!!

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