Sep 20, 2012

Birthday Luau, 10-year-old-style

What do you like better?
The food?
Or the games?

I know, I can't decide either!

I got the awning, flowers, frame, and sign from Party City.
I added colorful tablecloths for a backdrop
 to represent a tropical sunset (Dollar Tree).

Seashells from our own family vacations!

Yes, those are Bagel Bites.  Not very Luau'ish, 
but she REALLY wanted them!  lol
We also served:
Terriaki Meatballs
Fruit Kabobs
Swedish Fish
Chips and Dips
Caesar Salad (another of her demands...hehe)
Fruit Punch

Very.  Simple.  Menu.
(cuz kids like it that way)

See how I made these Jell-O Jiggler Magic Orange Slices!

For dessert we had sherbet floats, with paper umbrella, of course!
That's our birthday girl, Maddie, over there on the right.

huge sugar cookies as big as your face hand!

Good thing I had some awesome helpers!

Honestly, I couldn't have gotten all this done without them!  
(my kids have been well trained in the art of throwing parties!)


Water games 
(which of course I have no pictures of)

Pie tin, a piece of bubble gum, and a lot of whipped topping.
the object is to find the bubble gum hidden in the whipping topping 
with no hands, then blow a bubble.
First one to blow a bubble wins.
Not a great game.
Most of the girls' gum disinigrated because of the whipped cream.
BUT we did get a few bubbles!

You can't really call it a Luau unless you do the Limbo!!! 

Some of these girls blew my mind at how low they could Limbo!

Time for some Hula dancing instruction!

A dance off with some of our top dancers!

I learned that my little Maddie is the best Hula dancer in the land.
And that was a unanimous vote from her friends!

Stupid pinata fell down and we couldn't get it to stay up.
So we beat it to death.
What a pain.
No more pinatas!  
Too expensive to fill and too many chances something could go wrong!  lol

Bella is a Hula girl too!

Every summer party must end up in the pool!



On her actual birthday, Maddie wanted to take chocolate mustaches to her classmates.
That kid never ceases to surprise me!  



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  2. I love it ! Will copy your ideas, thanks 😊

    1. Oh, I'm so glad! I hope you have a wonderful party!!!


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