May 20, 2012

Insta Friday - Week of May 12-18

Share this week of my Instagram photos with me!

I LOVE Instagram!

A darling gift of Ralph the Bear, a few packages of cookies,
 a cute pink box, and a very sweet note 
arrived via UPS from my thoughtful daughter, 
Shelby, who's working this summer in Tennessee.
Made my Saturday!

Because it was Mother's Day, we got to Skype our daughter Devin,
 who's serving a full-time LDS mission in Honduras. 
 We also got a phone call from our son, John, 
who is serving his full-time mission in Peru. 
 Mother's Day was awesome for many reasons, 
but these phone calls from our children 
who are serving the Lord so far away from home were at the top of the list!

May 6 "ME" 
 Yes, I'm still way far behind on my photo-a-day
 (I have big plans to get caught up today!). 
 Here I'm in the middle of a Mary Kay makeover
 from my good friend Rian.
  If you haven't had a Mary Kay makeover lately, 
you haven't had a Mary Kay makeover!  
The products and packaging have changed a lot
 and I loved the makeover!  Thanks Rian!

May 7 "Someone who inspires me"
This was drawn a few years back by my daughter Shelby.
She is an amazing artist and sometimes her art ideas blow my mind.
I love this self-portrait of her building herself.  
Isn't it cool?!

May 8 "A smell I adore"
Fresh rain and clean babies.
It's been so long since I've bathed one of my own babies.
This is Regan.
He's 11 now.
And doesn't smell as good as he used to!  lol

May 9 "Something I do everyday"
Someday I'm gonna walk away from this bad habit and never return.
Just not sure if it'll be in this life.

May 10 "My favorite word"
Well, I have several, but one of my very favorites is THANKS.
I love to say it and I love to hear it!

May 11 "Kitchen"
What, like I was going to post a picture of a pile of dirty dishes?
This is a grand meal made by my Cowboy.

Spring.  Is.  Over.

One of my favorite treats.....frozen yogurt.
This is from Agave Blue, but my favorite is Yogurtland.

Cowboy made 10 quarts of his homemade pink peppermint ice cream 
to share with Regan's 5th grade class the last week of school.
Once again, It was a BIG hit!

Can't believe I'm posting this.
I went there...
permanent cosmetics.
{The things Groupon gets me to do.}
The photo on the bottom is NO makeup,
just permanent eyeliner and died lashes.
It'll be a couple of weeks before I really know what the results will be like,
but so far, it's pretty cool.
{now I just need a Groupon for tired, saggy eyes and black circles!!!)

May 12 "Something that makes me happy"
Actually the someTHING is a someONE....several someones.
Our three youngest children and
four of our grandchildren.
{I love this brick-ized photo so much I made it my FB cover}

May 13 "mum"
That's my mom with her siblings and parents.
Such a serious looking bunch!
Dontcha just love my Aunt's Americana blouse?!
I've loved this pic for as long as I can remember!

May 14 "grass"
Grass?  Really?  I hate this word!
I miss having grass so much it hurts!
My yard is rocks.
This grass photo came from an app on my phone....
it's a background!  lol

May 15  "love"
Yeah, I totally love my craft supplies!!!

May 16  "what I'm reading"
Well, perusing would be more accurate.
I acquired 4 of these amazing magazines from
SNAP conference and they are FUN to look through!
{picture books for grown women...haha}

May 17  "snack"
I'm constantly surrounded by junk food.
Love/Hate that.

May 18  "something I made"
Do these look familiar?  They are in a recent post.

And now, my friends, I am all caught up to date!

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  1. Instagram is really great! I love your moms old picture. I just love looking at old photos.

    1. Thanks, NN! I love old photos too! We have some cool ones!

      And yeah, Instagram ROCKS! lol


  2. Ohhhh I need the name of the permanent make up artist I want to get mine done!!! Love all the photos Cindy!!!

    1. Thanks Laura! I'm happy to share the info....she did a great job!

  3. Oh, how I love instagram! For the first few months of the year, I managed to do pretty well with the daily photos...but then I started forgetting! You're doing a fantastic job. And now I'm craving ice cream. ;)

    {visiting from AZ Bloggers}

    1. Thanks!!! Girl, I'm ALWAYS craving ice cream! lol

      I'm so happy you stopped by from AZ Bloggers!!! Thank you! :)


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